The Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs for Professionals

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Significant considerations of DLSR shoulder rigs:

  • The first important thing to be considered is the quality of your digital DLRSK camera and then its accessories quality.
  • For instance, DLSR shoulder rigs are the most crucial accessories which will help improving the overall performance of the professionals.
  • Such DLSR shoulder rigs are definitely the most innovative pieces of the equipment which secure the cameras which are in use.
  • Some of the people who don’t know the actual benefit of such shoulder rigs may think that it is the unnecessary expenditure. But it is absolutely the wrong though because it is beneficial in many ways.
  • Don’t hesitate to buy the new model of DSLR shoulder rigs even you have the shaky hands because they have anti-shock and sturdy designs which stabilize your camera well. By this way, you can surely shoot the flicker free and smooth videos every time.

The top 5 DLSR shoulder rigs

Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR shoulder rig with the follow focus matte box

  • It includes the foam padded handles for easily carrying this shoulder rig while taking the videos.
  • Comfortable shoulder pad is another considerable advantage of this Fancierstudio model rig.
  • At the same time, it has the lightweight aluminum frame and easy to configure & use design which you never ever find in any other models.
  • This rig as well as accommodates the most digital cameras in order to provide the portable/compact design to the users.

ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR shoulder rig

  • This DSLR rig has durable frame and components along with the flexible padded handles for your easy usage. Thus, the manufacturer will provide one year full warranty to the buyers.
  • It accommodates the view finders and lenses along with the focus knobs to make everything simpler to the users.
  • Some other advanced options included in this shoulder rig will be ¼ inch universal thread, supports to the many shooting styles and also lightweight frame.

Neewer portable film maker system

  • This Neewer portable shoulder rig is also known as the best film maker system including ¼ inch universal mount which supports both the camcorders and cameras.
  • It is the best customizable system to fit on the lens and some other add-on accessories with the most considerable features such as lightweight aluminum frame, two padded/non-slip handles and also the most comfortable shoulder pad.

Morros DLSR shoulder rig movie kit

  • This rig has the durable stainless steel and aluminum design with the industrial standard rod mount of 15 mm length.
  • Soft/non-slip grips comfortable handles, 14 inch thread tripods, comfortable shoulder pads, adjustable slide mount, repeatable focus movements and fitting to the various types of lenses are some of the considerable benefits of this DLSR shoulder mounted rig.

Neewer foldable DSLR shoulder rig

  • It is the versatile ¼ inch rising adapter in order to provide the best support to the microphones and cameras.
  • This foldable shoulder rig includes the transformable and flexible design with the easy to set up & use feature.
  • At the same time, this model of the Neewer rig has the non-slip handgrips, stable double-handled design along with the extendable rear arm.

Other top rated shoulder rigs

 Neewer DSLR shoulder support rig

  • This DSLR shoulder rig includes the most customizable design or design for providing the best support to the most of the cameras and DV camcorders.
  • It has the durable heavy duty aluminum frame along with the two rubberized handles which are non-slip ones.
  • The users can able to get the best shoulder support because of the padded shoulder support and advanced shoulder lift set.
  • It only has the lightweight construction so you don’t need to worry about its weight.

Movo photo SG100 video shoulder rig 

  • As it contains the lightweight and compact design, it is the most suitable choice of shoulder rig for the various videographic professionals.
  • Padded handle, heavy duty aluminum frame, padded shoulder and handle pad are some of the advanced features given by this device.
  • The users can also get the best support from the SGW-5 counterweight, and FFA-2 15mm rail system and easy to maneuver options.

Imorden IR-02 camera shoulder mount rig

  • Imorden model of the IR-02 camera rig actually has the universal 15mm rail system along with the ¼ inches universal camera adapter.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame will provide the stronger enough design to this device.
  • Foam soften shoulder pad, well balanced/sturdy design, strong gripped handles, sturdy tripod mount of ¼ inches and lightweight are some of the most significant features of this DSLR shoulder rig.

Sunrise DSM-802 DSLR rig with shoulder pad and stabilizer

  • This shoulder support rig from the sunrise brand includes 9 inches five support rods along with the non-slip comfortable handle.
  • When you are looking for some other benefits of this sunrise DSLR rig, it includes the heavy duty aluminum frame, removable counterweight, universal mount, durable CNC parts, height adjustable base plate, easy to maneuver, quick release technology and etc.

Neewer C-Shape 15mm shoulder mount rig

  • Whenever the buyers are searching for the cost effective shoulder mount rig, it is really the best choice of C-shape shoulder mount rig from the Neewer brand.
  • This rig actually is the 15mm universal system having the well balanced and sturdy design along with the versatile mounts and durable aluminum alloy frame.
  • It also includes comfortable C-shaped design and non-slip rubberized handle for your easy use.

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