The 10 Best Pull-Up Bars for Home use

Most of the people who workout daily consider buying the pull up bars which are all the ideal exercising tool in order to perform the intense workout for the upper body. You can purchase the pull up bar to workout at home using only your own body weight. These devices are inexpensive but at the same time useful for the serious body builders. Whenever you are looking for the best design of pull up bars  to use in your day to day life, the following are some of the most popular brands of the pull up bars from the leading brands.

The top 5 best pull up bars:

When it comes to the pull up bars, there are several types available currently in the market. Doorway pull up bars are the best choices of pull up bars for your regular exercises. The following are the top picks of pull up bars readily available for your upper body workouts.

1.  Iron gym total upper body workout bar (Extreme edition)

  • The extreme edition of the iron gym pull up bar is the best choice and portable doorway pull up bar with the multi-grip.
  • It is a highly functional and rugged tool especially made for your upper body workouts.
  • This pull up bar includes so many numbers of grip options such as neutral, traditional narrow wide, side grip and also alternate wide grip.
  • The different grips allow you to target the various muscle groups in your arms, shoulder, back and more.


  • 2. Sunny health & fitness doorway chin/pull up bar
  • This heavy duty chin up / pull up bar is actually considered to be the top rated telescoping doorway chin up/pull up bar which has done its job in the correct manner.
  • This device is very simpler to install at your home and every end of this pull up bar has the extenders in order to twist out to exactly fit in any type of door frame.
  • At the same time, it has the stronger enough design to hold even 220 lbs of your weight.
  • It includes no-slip foam grips with the comfortable design to save your hands and to easily focus on your pull ups.
  • Every user will feel more stability with the use of this pull up bar in the regular manner.

3. ProSource multi grip

  • It includes the multitude of the grip positions and it means for your gym workouts due to its versatile workout options.
  • Similarly, this ProSource multi-grip design of the pull up bar provides greater support to both the temporal and permanent mounting.

4.Stamina 1690 power tower pull up bar

  • This pull up bar is the standalone unit that is the most suitable choice of device which will not damage your door frames and walls.
  • It is the best type of the household item for the people who are all looking forward to do the regular exercises in order to develop their upper body.

5.Stamina doorway trainer plus

  • This doorway pull up bar actually has the above average grips with the easy installation benefit.
  • It will not give any marks on your home doorways because of its simpler installation process. But for this purpose, it is highly recommended to hire a professional.
  • This pull up bar is definitely an ideal choice for the taller individuals and also it can be installed on the traditional types of door frames.

Other top rated pull up bars      

6.J/fit deluxe pull up bar

  • Most of the individuals who are all looking for the best type of pull up bar to do regular exercises at home are going for this excellent design of J/fit deluxe branded pull up bar because it is very easier to install, smooth to do exercises and thus it will provide the complete customer satisfaction.
  • It will take totally 15 minutes of installation process and accommodates only 40 inch wide doors.
  • The users can use it even in the hallways and this pull up bar will provide greater support even up to 300 lbs.

7.Body Vision PT600 power tower

  • This body vision brand of PT600 model pull up bar is the best choice for your different range of workout solution.
  • It is definitely the safe and stable for your day to day workouts done from only one side.
  • The most considerable benefit of this equipment is that you will require only minimal space to install it in your doorframes.

8.Maximiza pull up bar

  • This pull up bar usually has three various mounting brackets for the easy exercising activities.
  • The entire bar includes the soft grips for supporting the users thus it will not affect the closing of the doors.
  • The easy setup of this pull of bar will reduce your installation time at the beginning.

9.Multi-gym doorway pull up bar

  • Multi-gym doorway pull up bar usually requires no drilling from the user side.
  • At the same time, it includes the huge numbers of features such as easily portable numerous exercise options and also quick installation.
  • If you are seeing the detailed instructions manual of this pull up bar, you will get some more information about this pull up bar along with its extensive features.

10.Perfect basic pull up bar

  • If the individuals are very new to do the pull up at your home, you can go for this perfect brand of basic pull up bar to do the upper body workouts.
  • It is considerable to be the best pull up bar under 20 with the feature of easy and quick installation.
  • This model of pull up bar leaves only the minimal foot prints on the door frames but will not affect opening and closing of your doorways.
  • At the similar time, this pull up bar as well as offers the most suitable pull up option even for the kids within the age group of 5 to 15 years old.

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