Top 10 Best Appetite Suppressants

When you are trying to lose weight, the appetite suppressants can be one of the excellent ways to curb your cravings today. In fact, weight loss can be a challenging task that is increasingly frustrated, especially when you feel hungry all the time during your diet. If you are constantly feeling with hunger pains, you will be give up or break your diet control before you reach your weight loss goal. Taking appetite suppressants can help you feel very less hungry and also keep you on your own path to achieve your weight loss success.

To learn more about the top rated best appetite suppressants on the existing current market, you just keep reading the following Top 10 best appetite suppressants.

1. Nature wise CLA 1250

Nature wise CLA 1250 supplement is the best choice for weight loss and exercising. It has passed and undergone several clinical trials. It has ability to boost the admirable energy levels. This soft gel capsule is very easy to use and completely preservative free. It also contains the recommended source of standardized CLA up to 80%. However, this appetite suppressant is also certified the safest formula of GMP and NSF.

2. NutritionGen ultra shred thermogenic fat burner pills

This supplement from NutritionGen can be renowned as one of the best weight loss pills available in the market. With its unique formula, this fat burner pill can stimulates the natural thermogenic process in your body and helps to burn fat and calories as fast as possible. However, this supplement is very powerful, effective and also fast-acting to use than any other supplements. The NutritionGen ultra shred thermogenic fat burner pill is formulated with chromium and glucomannan as well as theobromine and green tea. These pills can also balance your blood sugar levels that help you feel stabilize, full and also maximize your energy without even any effects like fight cravings, headaches and also burn belly fat.

3. Tobias colon

Dr. Tobias colon is one of the most famous 14 days fast cleanse and appetite suppressant, which is excellent for both detox and weight loss. This supplement is also good for complementing the workout routines by increasing energy levels as well as for quicker and lasting results. This product is made in the USA and the quality of product offered is not similar to others. Dr. Tobias colon bottle contains 28 capsules that have natural ingredients such as fiber, herbs and laxatives as well as enzymes such as acidophilus and lactobacillus, which improves the digestion process.

4. Petite body natural appetite suppressant and fat burner

This appetite suppressant contains a wide range of active appetite controlling ingredients that include seven powerful digestive enzymes. These are completely natural and do not produce any harsh chemicals into your body. This supplement also works to control your carvings, appetite and also break down food and unwanted toxins in the body that helps you to burn fat.

5. Natural thermo pure stimulant free natural fat burner

This appetite suppressant capsule is a versatile as well as multi-purpose product that can stimulates the fat burning and also curbs your appetite. These supplements can also work as a strong and fast acting controller of your cravings and appetite that is well formulated without even any stimulants.

6. Natrol 5-HTP

This natural appetite suppressant is mostly preferred by many individuals and the professional workout enthusiasts. Natrol 5-HTP is a trusted and effective product that retails as a package of 30 natural capsules. Each 200mg capsules are rich in sources of essential amino acids. They help to boost up the serotonin level in the body naturally and also turn affects the appetite, mood and sleep patterns. It is 100% drug free, cruelty free and also non-habit forming.

7. Huntington labs appetite suppressant

For the best experience of appetite suppressant, you can buy this Garcinia Cambogia Extract from the Huntington labs. It contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are 100% natural. It is available at affordable price that is suitable for all individuals even with a tight budget. Each bottle contains 60 anti-oxidant rich capsules that you can consume with water. It comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and also contains rich source of vitamin C that can promotes the radiant skin and shiny hair.

8. Nurture nutrients

This nurture nutrients appetite suppressant is an effective choice of fat burner supplement for people of all ages. It is specially designed for weight loss without even costing the users. This supplement is an ideal option for everyday remedy that contains 180 capsules offered per package. It is GMP certified formula lacks supplement that impair the health over time. This weight loss product is a good option for both man and woman as well as serves you the best. It does not have any caffeine and other stimulants or chemicals; rather it is vegan-friendly. It also has a zero risk guarantee of its overall value.

9. Fat burner Max

When you have tried and disappointed with appetite suppressant in the pharmacy or local store, you do not lose confidence. With this fat burner Max, you will surely get the entire natural appetite suppressant that acts as an amazing muscle preserver. This product is recommended for both men and women as well as offered for reasonable prices. The Garcinia Cambogia rich veggie capsules provided the quick and better results without impairing your personal health. It is also Glucomannan and Caralluma rich and relatively easy to use. After a few weeks of the usage, this product will completely remove the unhealthy toxins from the body and also stops worrying the food cravings.

10. HER diet appetite attack

This product is specially blended for women. The HER diet appetite attack is an excellent appetite suppressant that protects the user from overeating while consuming meals. It is not only stopping the hunger cravings, but also boosting the energy that gain benefit for the workout enthusiasts. When you take this capsule, you just follow to take the recommended dosage and also helps you stay strong as well as engage in fulfilling the workouts

Best Waist Trimmer Belt

Everyone here is more vulnerable to their feelings especially in their food habits. By their uncontrolled feelings and uncontrollable urge in their diet will increase the fat level of the body. In this case we have to move towards some waist trimmers for burning unnecessary fat without any stress and many people are willing to reduce their weight without any had works.

List of best waist trimmers:

Here some models are listed according to their specification and functionality and control. The list is developed below

10. Neoprene stomach wrap waist trimmer belt

Neoprene stomach wrap catches the tenth position in this list. This place is for the quality of this belt and this waist is a long lasting high durable waist having more life time. The main feature in this waist was it will perfectly fit in your size. Yeah, this is bigger in size than other waist trimmers and quite helpful in doing hard physical work outs and bring more comfortable to the person who hold the belt on their waist.

9. FeelinGirl women’s adjustable waist trimmers

The waist belt that proceeds in the list which acquires the 9th position is the FeelinGirl women’s adjustable waist trimmers. The reasons for this waist trimmer for this position are numerous. First thing is the waist is especially and exclusively made for the women. It also has long life durability and it has been awarded with the assurance of its adjustability. This trimmer has provided with the different sizes and has the most adjusting capability which leads to good result in the physique of women.

8. ActiveGear premium waist trimmer

The next waist trimmers that choose to place in the 8th position in this list is ActiveGear premium waist trimmer. The first hint yet to be notice about this trimmer that is an exclusive waist trimmer belt that prepared for the men who want the best abs and this product took more time for the designing and fabrication. The company ActiveGear has spends more than three years for the designing and fabrication and made out the perfect package for the men who need awesome physique

7. George waist trimmer belt-postpartum

The following proceeding positioned waist that elected to the 7th position is George waist trimmer belt-postpartum model which bring more attractive shape and gorgeous body fit. Yes, this belt made out for women and made out as ready condition as perfect abs producer. It suits this place because of this functionality of awesome working. This brings more attractive structure within a short duration. The next thing is these belts are sold out in the markets with three attractive colours looking so attractive and made the women not make the next step unless they buy the belt.

 6. Waist trimmer Ab belt for faster weight loss

The forthcoming model that catches the position number 6 is Waist trimmer Ab belt for faster weight loss. Since it is made as the trimmer fit for vigorous work outs and the belt are bet so soft and even tougher. The next important thing about this belt is the cost. It is roaming in the markets in affordable prizes and makes the viewers to get some more relief in buying this product without stress about the rate that they spend as the expense for the trimmer.

5. AZSPORT waist trimmer

Next model which suits the fifth position is AZSPORT waist trimmer and we can declare here undoubtedly this product is a perfect choice for the 5th position. The main advantages in this waist trimmer then the other model are the resource. This product is mostly available in online and retail markets and the viewers don’t have to roaming along the market physique shops for the search for best waist trimmers. It is present in most of the market shops worldwide and the business in the waist trimmer are most spreader one.

4. Sweet sweat waist trimmer

The next big seller product that apt for the 4th position in this abs trimmer counting is the Sweet sweat waist trimmer. The first prompt thing about this waist is the name. The name itself is capable of getting this product in this position. Since the attractive name can able to bring more fans and this name bring the huge business over the product and the next advancement is it available in

3. Bracco adjustable waist trimmer belt

The next big thing positioned 3rd place and the reason why it kicked the other brand behind it are noted ahead. Men who worked out daily in vigorous manner who want to view the result in a quick mannerism. This product will bring this efficient output and excellent fitting over the waist. The good body builder needs perfect fitting, hence this will produce this way to adjustable manner bring more comfort to the holders. That’s why Bracco adjustable waist trimmer belt got the third position.

2. TNT Pro series waist trimmer

The product in the list that captured as runner in the marketing race is TNT Pro series waist trimmer. We all already aware of TNT, these products are used in the sport people for their usage worldwide. These belts are marketed as a sport version in all over the world. Since by notifying the familiarity and the reason for the familiarity are main reason and the marketing way then the resource availability are another reason which awarded the waist trimmer in 2nd position.


1. McDavid waist trimmer Ab belt

There is only one product that will stay unique from the other all product package that conquer other models and captures the grand prize 1st position in the market. The attractive shape and working comfort are the one reason and the quality that the product produced and affordable cost prized the McDavid waist trimmer Ab belt in the first position.


The list of 10 bestselling waist trimmer is reviewed as above shown. This will help you to choose the best one for your usage.

Sports Supplements: The Good, The Bad and The Very Dangerous

If you are an avid fitness enthusiast, you have probably read the most popular men’s muscle magazines in this world in order to gain an advantage in your workout. Along with good (and sometimes soft and juicy) workout tips, these magazines bombard you with the designs of advertisers hawking a seemingly endless series of powders, formulas, tablets and other bodybuilding supplements for the purpose of increasing your Muscle mass and unwanted fat to eliminate it. The food-supplement industry keeps producing “last and best” products, and people keep buying them.

So with the whole catalog of supplements in marketing, how do you decide which supplements are effective, which ones are safe and which ones are simply bad for you? Is that muscled, talkative guy at the Gym a key source of information? The five pages of the brightest ads drive us to buy the last pill that has hit the market?

The answer? Before buying and making an intake of a sports supplement, you need to know about it, the basic science that lies behind it. You should only take these aids once they have been reviewed successfully and positively by the rigors of scientific research. Why? Because if you do not you are putting yourself at risk. The supplement market is not as regulated as the pharmaceutical industry, allowing manufacturers with less scruples to make claims about their products that are based on faulty science.

To help you get started, I take you to see the best products – those supplements that have proven benefits and no major side effects – some limit supplements, and some bad supplements that you should not take.

Good Sports Supplements

The most important thing you need to know about sports supplements is that you should not even start using them until you have been informed of the basics: designing and implementing an intense but intelligent exercise and cardio workout routine that Uses a sports nutrition strategy that includes a lean protein base, mixed with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and essential fatty acids, to ensure you get enough rest and recovery time to avoid muscle damage And injuries.


In general, most scientists and nutritionists will recommend whole food choices before using sports supplements. However, if the patient is determined to add something beyond food to grow or to lose weight then experts – they will most likely promote supplements that have been extensively studied and reviewed in human performance laboratories. The following four are among the best and most proven supplements on the market:

  • Multivitamins :. Taking a daily multivitamin is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to demand an immediate impact on your health, multivitamins are so important that the government must provide one to all young people in order to fight off disease And combat early nutritional deficiencies in life. Modern farming practices have reduced levels of nutrients and minerals in the soil, and therefore lower the levels that humans consume, making an even more important multivitamin. Choose a well respected manufacturer and always take a multivitamin with a meal to avoid upset stomach.
  • Flax Seed Oil: “Flaxseed oil, rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), omega-3 essential fatty acids, and phytochemicals, makes a good addition to a healthy diet,” a registered dietitian and nutrition professional. “Research suggests ALA helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.” The body also converts omega-3 fatty acids into hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which play a major role in The reduction of inflammation, such as inflammation of the joints caused by sports injuries. Choose a flax seed supplement that is high in lignans (usually found in a dark glass jar) from the refrigerator section of your grocery store or health food store. The pills are not as potent, and the heating process used to generate the pill can affect its properties. Consume one or two tablespoons per day, such as salad dressing, in protein or oatmeal shakes.
  • Glutamine: L-Glutamine (commonly called glutamine) is the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream, and is responsible for several important biochemical reactions. The study Glutamine physiology, biochemistry and nutrition in critical diseases showed how glutamine plays an especially important role in the body’s immune response, as it is the main metabolic fuel for the cells of the body’s immune system. It also reduces the risk of infection in endurance athletes who may be overtraining, according to a study published in the journal Sports Medicine. Glutamine has been shown to be an important amino acid for recovery after intense workouts. Supplement formulators have recognized this attribute and have created formulas that combine creatine, glutamine and other co-factors in a post-workout recovery formula. The dosage can range from two grams to 15 grams per day, depending on body weight, intensity Of exercise, age, and nutrition. As with all supplements, consult your doctor before taking glutamine.
  • Creatine: Creatine is the most widely studied and marketed nutritional supplement and is unique because it plays a direct role in the transformation of energy and exchange within the body. Creatine works within the phosphagen energy system, which consists of intense combats of all muscle contractions that last between five and 10 seconds. Creatine provides a phosphate (PC) group to help regenerate ATP, the main chemical constituent for more muscle contractions. Athletes who participate in strength and power sports (soccer, weightlifting, speed races, hockey, etc.) will benefit from the measured use of creatine. Caution should be taken with increasing levels of water and electrolytes. The recommended doses vary, but most experts agree that creatine should be put into operation properly, with a loading phase per week (eight grams to 16 grams per day), three weeks of maintenance (four to eight grams Grams per day), followed by one to four weeks out.

Probably 20 percent of sports supplements sold at health food stores are stellar, while another 20 percent is OK but with some caveats, and the remaining 60 percent are downright garbage. The next section addresses limit supplements that have proven benefits, but that still can not be recommended.

  • Ephedrine: When the Food and Drug Administration proposed prohibiting the use of ephedrine, the hardcore bodybuilding community was raised in arms. Ephedrine has been used safely by many asthmatics to help open bronchial tubes, truckers and students to help promote alertness, and by athletes to help energize workouts and rapid fat loss. People who have safely and successfully taken this supplement and who have pedaled, using an initial dose, maintained high fluid levels, made sure not to add additional stimulants, and sought medical authorization before commencing use. Problems arise when people use ephedrine with other dietary products, diuretics and stimulants; Are involved in an extreme weight loss plan, or have preexisting heart disease. It is effective, but its potential for stroke and heart complications outweigh its use for most people, so I do not recommend it. No matter what, if you consider taking ephedrine, consulting a doctor or you are endangering your life, many people who have preexisting heart disease do not know it.
  • Sports Supplements of a single amino acid (except glutamine): Your body needs a variety of essential and non-essential amino acids, and the supplement shelves are equipped with almost every single amino acid combination possible. These supplements may not be dangerous, but it is easier and better for you to get these amino acids from a wide range of protein sources like lean meats, dairy products, poultry, fish, soybeans, and the like. Why use a supplement that you can get all these amino acids from the real-whole foods offer, unprocessed? If you supplement your intake of amino acids, a more cost-effective way to increase protein intake is in the form of whey protein, compared to buying individual amino acid formulas.

The Worst Sports Supplements

The supplements listed below are some of the most popular on the market today, especially as it compares with the same impulses as the dangerous fad diets and illegal steroids. The desire for a short cut to get quick results. Not only do they not work, but they are also bad for your health.

Carb Blockers: Block C! Carb Cutter! Carb Intercept! They are seen everywhere, carbohydrate blockers sell because they are based on the mistaken belief that carbohydrates make us fat. This is a silly assumption; Carbohydrates are necessary for the myriad functions in the body. People become obese because they consume an excess of calories, usually in the form of low nutrient content, and lead an inactive life. The science behind carbohydrate blockers is incomplete, and the side effect profile is daunting: bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It seems a lot less fun than a balanced diet and exercise, does not it?

All who claim to increase testosterone: In 1998 an explosion was created in the sales of androstenedione, a metabolite of DHEA, which serves as a direct precursor of testosterone biosynthesis. Users say that the supplement increases stamina, performance is improved (including sexual), and led to increased gains in strength and muscle mass faster. As with all testosterone products, the side effects profile seems bleak and may include some or all of the following: enlargement of the gland, water retention, impotence, acne, baldness, gynecomastia, and less self -production of testosterone. Unless otherwise provided by your doctor, testosterone can be administered through a healthy diet, proper exercise, stress reduction and sufficient rest.

Do not be confused by the wide range of nutritional products on the market. Start with a solid nutrition and training strategy, and consider sports supplements that have been extensively tested and proven. Educate yourself about the right bike exercise product, its possible side effects, and what fluids and foods to take in order to maximize effectiveness. And always remember to consult a physician before beginning any program with ergogenic help.

Best Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are considered as best ones for carrying your daily workout to keep your body fit. When you are out in vacation or somewhere apart from your gym classes or exercise equipments don’t worry the resistance bands will provide you better support for making perfect workouts. The Resistance bands are considered as takeaway exercise equipments which can be used for exercising even in outdoors without any hesitation. Burn your extra calories with these prominent resistance bands in market.

As new products keeps on increasing with a hike rate, it becomes a tough job for people to sort out the good one from bad one. We do the work for you; here are top 10 resistance bands which can be used for getting in right shape which you have always dreamt of. Maintaining body with right shape is really hard and people have to undergo some of the serious workouts which are made simple with resistance bands.  The bands are differentiated into many varieties like therapy bands, fit loop bands, figure 8 bands, ring resistance bands, compact resistance bands. The upcoming 10 products are really good in market with best flexible adjustments.

Black mountain products resistance bands set

This is one of the best and top most buying products which come with a whole package of bands. These resistance bands are of light weight which can be carried anywhere in your backpack. The resistance band has got 5 colored bands like yellow, red, black, blue and green. The red and black bands are for high resistance ranging above 60 pounds of weight. The green has got moderate weight balance. The blue color is launched with light levels of resistance. The yellow colored band provides extra light lifting features. The whole package consists of doctor anchor, a bag pack and guide for working out in proper manner. The prices of this product are better in market.

WODFitters extra durable pull-up assist bands

This product of resistance bands comes with five distinguished colors. Based on your strength level you can choose the band. The resistance levels of bands are mentioned below

  • Red- 10 to 35 pounds
  • Black-30 to 60 pounds
  • Purple-40 to 80 pounds
  • Green- 50 to 125 pounds
  • Blue-65 to 175 pounds

These are the resistance levels which are available in each and every band. The length of the band ranges from 1.25 inches to 4.5 mm. People can get best results when they start trying the band for 60 days and surely they will feel better muscles and fit body. The cost of this product is not so high and not so low. It is a cost effective product with best features.


The BodyLastics best resistance bands

The set of bands which comes with this package is 12 and users can get various benefits from using the right set of bands for them. They have six different colors based on their resistance and they have got two ankle straps, two heavy duty handles with the complete package. Rather than that a carrying bad with door anchor is also provided. The anti-snap design has got best reviews from many of its users. It provides high levels of confidence for using the product in many fitness freaks.

Wearbands complete set

This is considered as one of the easiest products which are available in the market. The user can fit the black belt around the waist and select the band of resistance from many colored bands and attach them in pair of shoes. The working guide for this product is provided within the package. The package has got 6 variations of colors.


Abco tech resistance bands

These bands are entirely different from all the combo packages which we had seen before. This package contains two latex bands of light, medium and high resistance. People can choose between the variations which they are in need of. Even the product gives 100% warranty on the product. This band is highly useful for performing zumba workouts. The product is available with cost effective prices.


Flintfit resistance bands

The Flintfit resistance bands have been launched into the market for trimming people’s body in few days after usage. The package of FlintFit bands has got 11 straps with ankle strap for performing well in exercises. The stretches which they offer are quite amazing. The price of the product is also considerable for its five colored bands.


ProSource premium resistance band

ProSource is really a fantastic source of shaping one’s body in right shape. People can get a perfect fit body with these resistance bands which are available in better prices. The resistance bands are available in 5 colors and bands are available in latex rubbers for performing hard workouts. Many of the professional athletes use this product for getting a stabilized body in few weeks of usage.


Limm exercise resistance loop bands

Limm is best for beginners who are starting to use these bands. The limm bands are best in resistance and they come with 5 colors of resistance bands as package. The bands range from 5 to 12 inches which will be perfect for physical therapy, workouts and for home fitness practice. This package comes with a carrying bag to take it out in comfortable way.

SPRI Xertube resistance bands

SPRI is an effective band which is available in market for both professional and novices’ usage. People can daringly give a tryout with these awesome bands which have got 5 levels of resistance. The band is available for working out with many possible stretches in easy way. This product has got good price values of affordable cost.

Home complete 4 exercise resistance band loops

The Home complete has got 4 bands for novices who are initially starting their workouts. The product has got 4 levels of resistance. The material is made up of theraband which allows the user to stick with some of the most suitable products. Right from normal warm up to heavy workout can be carried out in home complete package of 4 bands.

These are some of the products which users are buying at a fast pace. Rush up and choose yours to continue your home or professional workout.

Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Belts

The professional weight lifters have to maintain their body weight and also they need to strengthen their body in order to look appealing. Most of the body builders go to gym in order to maintain their body but many are tired of the workouts and some may suffer from back pain as they may be new to the gym. The muscle strength is the only point with which most of the body builders will stick to and one of the products that can help you to recover from spinal injury and the back pain is with the help of the weight lifting belt. These belts are not used by most of the body builders but they can reduce the pain up to 40 %.

Most of the weight lifters will lower their inter abdomen in order to lift the weight which can lead to injuries. The pressure that occurs in the abdomen can be reduced with the help of these belts. It is not always meant that the product that is in the market can fit you only a few can be used to get the utmost comfort and can be in the best professional grade. All the weight lifters will prefer the product that is in the professional grade. This article will help you in listing the top 10 products of the year 2017 that are available in the market. These products are very comfortable for the user and also they are designed in such a way it can fit for both the gender and also they are cost effective.

1. Rip Toned Belt

This rip toned belt tops the list as it is used by the weight lifters, power lifters and also used in cross lifting training. The main advantage of the product is that it will not irritate the user and comes with the width of 4.5 inches. This is the product that is used by the weight lifting champion and the material used in it has helped the product to with stand the high pressure situations. It comes with lining comfort which can fit into you loop system and can be washable after using this belt.

2. Dark Iron fitness belt

The fun and safe belt recommended for both the gender and they have the feature to fit into the body with utmost comfort. It is possible to adjust these belts as they are designed in such a way that they can provide supportive design. The material used for the manufacturing of the product has made it durable. When the belt is designed with poor fabric like plastic or nylon then it cannot be used for long time but this belt is designed with high quality leather which can make it comfortable to use it for a long time. It is a lightweight belt which can be easily carried to the gym and it not popular among the users will light weight as it will cause irritation. These belts are available in different sizes.

3. Ader Leather Power Lifter

You can purchase the Ader sports goods to be in the top of the search as it is a 4-inch belt with ¾ inch leather on its rip roof. It is easy to use for both the beginners as well as the professionals as they help you in achieving more comfort and it also has light weight. It is available in the decent pricing and you can enjoy wearing such belts. With the help of this belt it is easy to use the closure system. The size can be chosen based on your choice and it can help you with minimum backward flexion.

4. Valeo 4-inch

When compared with its predecessor these belts is smaller and lighter as well and has own the heart of most of the professionals as well as the beginners. It has the best design and is stable, with complete finishing, and also helps you to get the best abdominal look. This feature of the product ensures safety and it can provide you with the optimal performance. The suede lining will help you to prevent from irritation and is one of the most used and recommended product of the year 2017.

5. Valeo VLP performance

It is one of the widely used and the most trusted belt brands from the lifters all over the world. It is not that popular but it continues to be in the top rated belts brand. It supports the 6-inch core abdominal well and is rated as the low profile model.

6. Harbinger 285

It is one of the well-designed belts used by most of the users and it can be available with safety and productivity. The product has been manufactured with quality leather in order to make it durable and it comes out with well finished design.


It is one of the most recommended well fit belts for the women of all cadres and they are available with pink and mostly loved by almost all the girls. It is durable and stylish which will be comfortable for the abdominal and the back pain relief.

8. Fire Team Fit

The back and the spinal injury can be minimized with the best techniques that are used in the gym environment. Although they are several belts that helps in reducing the back pain fire team fit will give you the best benefits for getting the better results.

9. Harbinger Firm fit

This is the 7.5 inch belt with the best design and is recommended for beginners and professionals as well. The stress and the injury can be minimized when you are performing the workout with the help of these belts. These belts are budget friendly and the money can be returned if they are not producing the better results.

10. Nike Structured

The 10th best weight lifters belt is the Nike structured belt and it is used by most of the trained lifters and also recommended for the beginners. Since it is produced by the Nike brand these belts can offer you with the best comfort.

Wireless Keyboard – Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

Having a wireless keyboard is the best way to get rid of the cables that are normally on the desktop computer, which end up becoming entangled and causing discomfort. But before buying one you have to take into account certain basic features, connectivity is one of them, we recommend Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. Besides the design is important, it is necessary to look at the type of keys and the language of the keyboard, as well as the external appearance. Researching the Internet, we have found that among so many models, two stand out: the first is the iClever IC-BK01, a compact Bluetooth-enabled keyboard with a 10-meter range that looks stylish. Secondly, we have the Rii K12 Mini that besides having a touch panel on the side that works as a laptop, also has two connection options: through WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is the best wireless keyboard on the market?

Wireless keyboards were first devised in the 1980s, however, this technology did not have much boom then. They are currently in popular use, thanks to its functional design and the widespread use of Bluetooth technology.

Even for stationary computers, the idea of an orderly, cable-free desk is very attractive, and fewer cables that entangle each other means less risk of electric fire. If you are thinking of buying one, we recommend you read this guide to buy the best wireless keyboard, where you will find the essential characteristics that you must keep in mind to make a good investment.

Buying Guide


If you want to know which wireless keyboard is better, first we recommend that it has an ergonomic design to reduce tension and maximize your comfort. This is how some cordless keyboards feature a slightly curved shape and a padded or raised palmrest to enhance the natural posture of your wrists, and others feature rows of raised keys for better range or split spacing for greater efficiency in writing.

Another recommendation, in terms of design, is a wireless keyboard with touchpad, which will avoid having to buy a mouse. In addition to saving money, it also means fewer devices to operate or maintain, in this way, you will operate the keyboard more efficiently, as if you had the mouse connected.

Finally, it is also advisable that the keyboard be backlit, which allows you to easily find the keys, even if you have to operate it in the dark.


Most wireless keyboards operate under Bluetooth technology. Usually, the keyboard includes a USB connector that connects to the computer, this connector receives and sends signals to a Bluetooth chip inside the keyboard, achieving communication between keyboard and computer, without cables.

In addition, through Bluetooth technology, you can also use the wireless keyboard for iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. We recommend checking the specifications included, before deciding to buy a cheap wireless keyboard, and confirm the distance to which this device should remain to obtain the best signal.


These keyboards usually have special features that are not found on the original keyboard of the computer, and the performance and functionality of each one, well worth the cost of a wireless keyboard. In this sense, you can enjoy using it while lying on a chair or sofa, or take it with you on the road, without cables that entangle.

In a comparison of wireless keyboards you will find that power and range vary from model to model. Some keyboards can work through the walls, while others need to be in the same room where your workstation is, in order to operate properly. The further away from the workstation the keyboard will be, the more interference it will suffer, but since no cables are required, you can use the keyboard anywhere within its range, which is usually at least 10 meters.

Key type

Wireless keyboards, like those that are not, have hot keys and multimedia keys, which allow you to choose a function or access frequently used programs with the touch of a button.

Hotkeys are used to supplement system tasks such as opening a specific program, connecting to the Internet, or placing the computer in standby mode. The multimedia keys are more focused on the control of applications, they are especially useful to order music or videos in your computer and to control the volume in the reproduction of them, as well as for those who like to play in their systems and need to minimize the time controlling effectively the multimedia output.

These buttons, which can conveniently be programmed, prove to be very useful. Make sure that the wireless keyboard you choose has several programmable buttons and that these are easily programmable and manageable.

Power supply

Standard wireless keyboards, which do not work with Bluetooth technology, usually work by batteries, which is a disadvantage for those who live clinging to a computer, for work or entertainment, as they would have to change batteries frequently.

In these cases it is recommended a wireless keyboard with solar energy, without cables or batteries, because it harnesses the power of the sun to function. They have the ability to store enough energy to run at night or on cloudy days, and can last up to three months without recharging.

When you decide to purchase a new wireless keyboard, do not forget to consider the features of design, connectivity and scope that we have mentioned here.

What is the best wireless keyboard of 2017?

Being able to use your computer, Smart TV or tablet using the best wireless keyboard will give you a lot of comfort, for example, you can surf your smart TV while listening to music from your sofa or writing more comfortably on your tablet.

Here are some options among which are the best wireless keyboards of 2017:

iClever IC-BK01

This keyboard besides having the advantage of being wireless, is totally light and therefore you can mobilize it with practicality, it weighs almost nothing, since it is a very light keyboard of only 141 grams.

Main disadvantage

This equipment works with batteries for being wireless, so it is recommended to buy batteries that are rechargeable so you do not have to spend money every time they run out.

It is a compact and light keyboard that has a fairly simple and modern design, as well as providing ergonomics to the user as it provides comfort when using it.


Compatibility and design

It is important that when choosing a wireless keyboard we look at whether this is fully compatible with the operating system that we handle on our computer and although most of them are compatible with the most popular models, it is worth noticing about it.

The iClever IC-BK01 is compatible with three different systems, such as the popular Windows, in addition to being compatible with the iOS and Android system, allowing you to enjoy a versatile keyboard, so you will have no problem if you have some of the systems which we mentioned earlier.

As for the design of the equipment has simple and modern finishes, besides having keys comfortable enough and considerable size for those people who usually have very large fingers, so it will be very comfortable working with it.

Comfort and durability

As mentioned before this keyboard has keys that are strategically arranged so that you can use it comfortably, but in addition to this you can type quickly and quietly, as it has shortcut keys to different functions of the computer, for which will save you time by using them.

The equipment is durable since it has a texture that is covered by aluminum alloy which promises long life of the device, being made of a material of long duration.

In addition, this device has a Bluetooth connectivity module, with a range of approximately 10 meters, so you can enjoy this function if you want, whenever you require.


This keyboard being completely wireless gives convenience to customers, since you can move it wherever you go, you just make sure to take batteries so you can use it, you can take it with you even on travel, it is also a device that does not occupy a lot of space since it has dimensions of: 29.2 x 13 x 6 centimeters, making its location and storage is very simple to do, and you can comfortably rest it on your legs if you wish.

On the other hand, it is one of the lighter equipment, compared to other models of wireless keyboards and in addition to other models of traditional keyboards, because it weighs only 141 grams, thus being one of the lightest models on the market, this is why it is one of the products most positively commented by users.

Rii K12 miniToday having wireless keyboards is key to managing your mobile, tablet or Smart TV products. With the Rii K12 Mini model you have all the control capability you need, thanks to an extended keyboard and side touchpad, which works the same way as the present on laptops.

Thanks to its connectivity can operate with all types of equipment in a simple way. Its battery of 450 milliamperes and its reduced consumption help you to be able to use it of prolonged form for a long time without needing to recharge. And when necessary it is enough to use the included USB port and the connection cable, being in few hours again ready to operate.

Being a durable product guarantees a long life, while its comfortable and functional design with a very tight weight, helps you to have it close to you without it becoming a nuisance.


Mouse area: The mouse area, despite its adjusted size, offers an area sufficient to move the mouse in a simple way, also supporting the operation by gestures on the surface of the Pad.

Wifi or Bluetooth: the keyboard can be connected via Wifi or Bluetooth according to your preferences, facilitating the connection to any computer in a simple way.

Full keyboard: A full Spanish keyboard is available, including the Ñ, with additional function keys for more control functions.


Connectivity to Smart TV: Some users mention connectivity issues with some Smart TV models.

Key size: because of its compact nature the size of the keys is even lower than that of other keyboards of this type, so the accuracy of the touch is more necessary than ever.

Logitech K400

The best wireless keyboardsThe Logitech K400 is a strong candidate to be the best quality wireless keyboard price. You can use it to control your laptop when you have it connected to the TV and you want to listen to music or put a movie directly from your sofa. It has up to 10 meters range.

This keyboard has a very easy to use touchpad to navigate both for online content and to search for things on your computer. You will not need to have a mouse. Writing emails, reading your favorite blogs, watching movies, listening to music, and endless other activities will be possible without sitting in front of the computer.

You can even chat from the bed. Its wireless technology allows for fast data transmission. It has been designed to take up little space, to write without hardly making noise and with great ease of use.

To make your choice as successful as possible, we present the pros and cons of the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with touchpad.


Integrated touchpad: In addition to working as a keyboard, it has an integrated touchpad, so you should not use an external mouse when handling your electronic devices.

Scope: You can get away enough from your devices without having to worry about reception, as this keyboard has a range of up to 10 meters away.

Compatibility: It supports a variety of operating systems, but can also be connected to various electronic devices, such as PC, Tablets, Televisions, etc.

Quick access: It has several quick access buttons, to facilitate the execution of various tasks, such as changing the volume, play or stop, among others.

Design: It has an elegant and light design, so you can hold it on your lap or lap without problems. In addition the keys are quiet so as not to tire your hands and provide comfort.

Logitech MK270

This keyboard offers you the convenience of working with your computer wirelessly and on the other hand offers the reliable connection of a traditional wired keyboard. The receiver of the signal is tiny so you can place it anywhere. Both the mouse and the keyboard have been designed to be moved from one place to another with ease.

Thanks to its eight quick access buttons, you can perform actions such as go to your favorite web pages, increase or decrease the volume, play / pause, go to email, among others.

We know that the budget is a very important element when choosing a product or another, so, know the pros and cons of this option, cataloged by users as the best wireless keyboard for 25 euros.


Integrated mouse: It has an integrated mouse, so you will be acquiring two accessories for the price of one. This mouse connects just like the keyboard and will help you perform different control tasks with your computer.

Durability: They are equipped with powerful batteries, whose durability is estimated after one year, depending on the degree of utility that the devices receive.

Range: Allows you to manage your equipment from a long distance, which can reach 10 meters.

Access buttons: This keyboard includes eight quick access buttons, which facilitate the execution of various tasks in one step and reduce the time of use.

Lightweight: It is a very lightweight device, which only weighs 100 grams, so you can take it from one place to another in total comfort.

Logitech MK220

This option is also a pack of wireless keyboard and mouse. What will you get if you buy this product? For one, you will save space as it is a keyboard 36% smaller than a normal one but containing all the necessary keys.

Additionally, you will gain in freedom of movement. The Logitech MK220 will allow you to control your computer up to 10 meters away either for work or just while enjoying audiovisual content or games on your computer. As for security uses 128-bit AES encryption, one of the best on the market, to protect the information you transmit.

It works on batteries but lasts approximately 24 months so it will not represent a maintenance cost that is not compensated enough with the wireless keyboard utility.

This option has been considered by users as the best brand of wireless keyboards, so we include here the pros and cons for you to consider when choosing.


Compact design: This is a compact design that you can easily handle on the sofa, in bed, or on the table, as it weighs only 100 grams.

Durability: It has batteries of great durability, so you do not have to replace them in a short time, since they have an estimated duration in two years.

Silent: It is a silent keyboard when pressing the different keys that make it up, so you can work without disturbing those around you.

Compatibility: It supports a large number of devices and with several versions of Windows operating system.

Mobility: With this keyboard, you will have a good level of movement, since you can move away from the receiving device up to 10 meters.


Small intro: For some users the intro key is a bit small, but this is more a matter of taste.

Indicator: Other users feel it should include an indicator to know when the shift key is on.

Memteq I8 Keyboard


When looking for some option among the best cheap wireless keyboards comes this model, which stands out especially for its small size that makes it suitable for travel or when you usually go to play at your friends’ house.

You can use it to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. From the sofa, the bed, or directly at your work table you can perform the tasks you usually do with a keyboard.

Works with both Windows, Linux and Android. On the other hand, compared to the previous keyboards mentioned we note that some of the users of this keyboard indicate that the touchpad is not sensitive so it is sometimes difficult to control the movement of the cursor that such and such we require.

Not suitable for those who have difficulty using small keys.

To complete this selection, we present you one of the cheapest wireless keyboards on the market, in case you are looking for a very economical product. These are the pros and cons of the Memteq I8 Keyboard.


Compact: It is a keyboard with a compact design, ideal for traveling, as it is lightweight and only weighs 200 grams.

Compatibility: The device is compatible with various wireless devices such as tablets, televisions, computers, etc., and can work correctly with several versions of Windows and Linux.

Sleep function: It has a special function, which deactivates the keyboard after an unused period of time, as a way to save energy.

Touchpad: Includes a touchpad, which prevents you from using an additional mouse to control and work on your devices.

Indicators: It has its respective indicators, which alert to the status of the battery and the wireless connection.


Sensitive: Some users claim that it is a keyboard that is very sensitive to drops and bumps, so it should be used with caution.

iClever IC-BK01

Writing to your tablet or mobile phone can be very annoying, especially if your fingers are large or the screen is small. In order to work more comfortably, wireless keyboards are an excellent solution. And if they also have a compact and sturdy design like the iClever IC-BK01 better.

This keyboard, with an approximate weight of about 300 grams, has an elegant design in silver tones, which is also very resistant.

It is very easy to configure and install so you can use it to write on virtually any mobile or tablet, being compatible with Windows, Android or iOS systems. The keyboard offers pleasant sensations of use, with a firm and resistant touch and an adequate response to the pulsations through a system of membranes.

Bluetooth connectivity allows us to use it even at distances of up to 10 meters without losing the quality of the signal.


Full keyboard and Spanish: this complete keyboard includes a Spanish keyboard integrated, having the Ñ and incorporating the function keys to expand the options of use and configuration.

Lightweight: with a weight that barely reaches 200 grams, this keyboard is one of the lightest and most manageable on the market.

Long service life: the manufacturer guarantees more than 3 million keystrokes for this keyboard, which means a long and long service life.


Dongle: Although this model works via Bluetooth connectivity, it does not incorporate the connection dongle, which you must purchase separately if the computer to connect does not have it included among its options.

Batteries: works with traditional batteries, which you need to use rechargeable models in order not to exceed the expense of keyboard consumables, given the type of connectivity that employs.

Andoer Rii C 1818-P

Another candidate for the title of best wireless keyboard is this model designed for use with Android but can also be used with a computer.

Considered the world’s thinnest wireless keyboard with 2.4GHz, it is ideal for those who use a lot of their Android device to handle applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, to surf, in general for those activities that require a lot of typing and do it in a screen using a Qwerty keyboard can be uncomfortable.

Your touchpad (mouse replacement) is on the right so you’ll handle it just as if you had the mouse connected but with more agility. You can direct your device up to 10 meters away. It does not require any installation or special configuration, just connect it to the wireless receiver to start it.

In addition, the design of the wireless keyboard is elegant, so it will also make your device stand out when you use it.

In case you continue without deciding which wireless keyboard to buy, this option may help you decide, so we invite you to read their respective pros and cons.


Touchpad: The keyboard includes a touchpad, ideal for getting rid of the use of the mouse separately. It can also be used with one or two fingers and is wide enough for comfort.

Direct access: It has a series of buttons with direct access to various tasks, in order to optimize the use of the keyboard.

Range: You can use it with great freedom, since its wireless signal is perceived up to 10 meters distance between the transmitter and the receiver.

Switch: To achieve a better use of energy, this device has an on / off switch, ideal for the lapses in which you stop using it.

Compatibility: It supports various devices such as TV, PS3, PC, etc. It also works well with Windows, Android and Linux operating systems.


English: Some users explain that the keyboard is in English language, which makes it difficult to identify or locate certain features in Spanish.

How to Use a Wireless Keyboard

Today we can get rid of the limitations that keyboards provide us with cables and have a little more freedom of movement when using a computer through a wireless keyboard. But what if we could not use it? Well there is nothing to worry about below we offer some suggestions that will allow you to use a wireless keyboard.

Never use your wireless keyboard without knowing how it works

The first thing to do before using your wireless keyboard for the first time is to read all the instructions in detail to avoid any inconvenience that may affect the proper operation of the same, an important point to check is the type of batteries used and their distance coverage.

I want to start using my wireless keyboard and I do not know how to start

This is a very simple process. All wireless keyboards are accompanied by a small receiver that connects between the computer and the keyboard. This small receiver connects to the USB port of the computer. Once the receiver is connected you can start using the wireless keyboard since the computer must identify it automatically.

Work with your wireless keyboard remotely from your computer

In this case there is no problem, since some of the advantages offered by most wireless keyboards is that they can operate with a range up to 10 meters from the computer and from anywhere. But in case you have a wireless keyboard with infrared keys or radio frequency your range will be much lower.

Remember that while distance may be important do not ever abuse your vision, some people go away a lot and then have difficulty seeing the screen, everything should be proportional to the need to work.

Type of keyboard

Wireless keyboards have the same keys as the other keyboards with cables so you can choose a function or access the programs. They can also have additional keys such as: quick access that are used exclusively to open programs, put the computer into standby or connect to the internet. And the multimedia keys to control the music or videos on your computer, among other things.

In this case when buying a wireless keyboard consider the same attentions as with a conventional keyboard, which is the size you are looking for, the language you need and ergonomic.

Wireless Keyboard Batteries

Wireless keyboards have batteries that are durable enough to withstand long working hours, but it is always important to evaluate the characteristics of each manufacturer. Some wireless devices are charged when connected to the computer’s USB port. There are also other wireless keyboards that charge through the sunlight, but they are few.

Wireless keyboard shape

The ergonomic shape offered by many wireless keyboards is generally designed for ease of operation, since they reduce strain and maximize your comfort. Other wireless keyboards also offer you comfort by its crescent shape and padded palm rest to favor the natural posture of your wrists.

Wireless keyboards may be compatible in some cases, other functions that wireless keyboards allow as their use is compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows, OS and Android.

Electric Blender – Buying Guide and Reviews

Electric Blender – Buying Guide, Reviews in 2018 – Crazy 4 The Best

To mix, beat and knead, nothing better than having a powerful and practical electric mixer, as it allows us an ideal result in much less time and effortless. So it is an appliance that should not be missing in your kitchen. The most important thing to consider when choosing a particular model is that it has adequate power, between 300 and 600 watts, so you can carry out your function effectively, as well as having a comfortable design and adapted to your needs and accessories to facilitate the preparation tasks. One of the models considered among the best on the market by users on the web is the Philips HR1565 / 40, which has 350 watts of power, plus turbo function for the most demanding jobs, and is made of materials very resistant and washable . Another outstanding model is Duronic BL1200, a beater of great versatility that allows to beat, crush, chop and liquefy, and has a power of 1000 watts, and a capacity of 1.8 liters.

What is the best electric mixer on the market?

Whether mixing, whipping or any other similar operation in the kitchen, the mixer is a staple. A basic that should never be missing in your kitchen and whose purchase has certain secrets that should know. With our guide to buy the best electric mixer on the market we reveal the secret so that you can choose the most suitable product according to your needs.

Buying Guide


The electric mixers have several designs depending on the layout and format of the masses. In the market we can find traditional mixers with arm also called hand, which are the most usual both for its comfort and its economic price. These mixers serve all kinds of preparations depending on the available power, being of general use for cooking and promptly for baking. We also find pastry mixers with arm and container, which are especially useful for kneading, assembling cream and other similar jobs.

Between these two elements we find the beater of rods, which is manual but has rods instead of with blades, being especially practical in works of confectionery and for all type of mixtures. The choice of model must depend on the type of dishes and preparations that you intend to do with it, the hand mixer being the most versatile of them all.

The power

The key to a good mixer lies in its potency. This power is what determines the ability to work with it both at the time of the type of preparations you can perform and the quantity and type of products you can beat with them. The power varies depending on the design or model of each mixer.

In the case of hand mixers we can find powers from 100 watts to about 300 approximately. In the case of the beater mixers, the potencies are similar, while those with containers, the baking models, these potencies can be larger starting at about 600 watts. The more power the mixer has the better, allowing you to work in a simpler way saving you time, while you can work with harder food for mixing.


As a final element of any comparison of electric mixers it is advisable to evaluate the accessories included in the product. Since the mixer is a generic engine, each model can have a variety of accessories that make it easy to work in the kitchen. Among them we find the chopper, which consists of a bowl and a blade in which to chop herbs, nuts and other products. We can also find a mixing rod, with which to create cream and other similar products as well as to make mixtures and shakes.

In the case of models for baking the rods can be interchanged to make different mixes and kneading, among others. These include sticks for cream or egg whites, or kneaded in general. All these accessories are usually included in the product, it is advisable to check that they come with the machine, considering them as part of how much a complete and level equipment costs.

What is the best electric mixer in 2017?

The blender is a fundamental tool in any kitchen. All kinds of cakes, cakes, cookies and bread are just some of the things we can do with an electric mixer, but there are also electric mixers with which we can make rich smoothies, soups or fruit juices. That is why we have prepared this selection of the best electric mixers of 2017 with the aim that you make a comparison and you can choose the one that best suits your diet.

Philips HR1565 / 40

Philips HR1565-40Many users consider this as the best electric mixer this year, and it’s not for less. It is a hands-free kneader with which you can prepare the richest desserts in a matter of minutes.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 electric mixer has a power of 350 watts, so it is capable of making heavy mixes for breads. It is made of ABS, a hard plastic that is very resistant to impacts, so it is one of the most durable blenders.

It is very practical in several aspects: first of all it is easy to use, it has three speeds and a special Turbo button, which momentarily increases speed when necessary. In addition, it does not occupy much space in the cupboard, as it has dimensions of 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and a weight of 2.3 kg, meaning you can move from one place to another without inconveniences.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 includes blender rod, kneading hooks, spatula and the rotating container with capacity for 3 liters.

Manufacturers always give us the confidence to choose their products, due to the trajectory they have in the market. Based on suggestions, we agree that the best brand of electric mixers is this, and you should browse the characteristics of this product to understand why.


Power: Offers 350 W, which according to the manufacturer, are sufficient to knead bread mixes. It has three different speeds to control, with efficiency, the aforementioned power.

Turbo Button: This function will allow you to obtain a little more power to be able to knead the heavy masses that require it, or to make the beat or mixing process faster.

Design: It is made of ABS plastic, which is very hard and resistant, which ensures a very long durability of the device, as well as safety and ease of cleaning

Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transfer will not be a problem at home. The dimensions are: 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and its weight of 2.3 kg.

Articles: In addition to the mixer and the respective hooks for kneading, bring a special spatula for pastry use. Also, the 3-liter bowl is rotating for comfort.

Duronic BL1200

When we ask ourselves which is the best electric mixer on the market today, one of the models that stands out among the others is the Duronic BL1200, a very versatile device with which you can chop, shred, beat and liquefy all types of food.

This electric mixer allows you to make green juices that are fashionable by mixing fruits and vegetables, no matter if it is soft or hard foods, and even hail using ice in the mix.

One of the features that is obvious is the design. It has a very attractive and modern look: the combination of the 1.8-liter glass vessel with its stainless steel base structure and LED lighting give it an elegant touch. It is also very simple to use, has a knob to control the speed and three special buttons for automatic cleaning, making shakes and cutting ice.

If you are looking for a good multi-functional mixer and at a fair price, the Duronic BL1200 may be your best choice.

For our most demanding customers, we consider that the best electric mixer of the moment could be this model, and should consult the characteristics of the same, below, to understand why it has been cataloged that way.


Power: It has 1000 W of power, enough to make porridge almost any food that is placed in your tank, and even to crush ice with comfort.

Design: It has an elegant stainless steel design with plastic details and a glass glass to offer both visual distinction and durability by its use. The buttons are large and easy to use and have LED lighting.

Functions: Incorporates three preset functions to efficiently perform tasks such as joining, liquefying and mixing. Needless to say, the speed can be adjusted with its respective control at the base.

Maintenance: The stainless blade can be separated from the glass vessel for deeper and more efficient cleaning. Being glass the glass, practically nothing will stay stuck in it, and its cleaning will be simpler.

Dimensions: It has a size suitable for any kitchen, since it is not very voluminous: 43 x 28 x 22 cm and weighs almost 5 kg.

Ufesa Whip BV4631

In the fourth place we have put this model of electric mixer that serves to mix and even to knead. Like the previous model, this offers 5 levels and its special turbo function, with the difference that it includes a base with rotating bowl, which decreases the efforts on the part of the user.

Ufesa Whip BV4631 has 2 mixer rods and 2 kneading rods. It is specially designed for baking, turning the egg white into snowy point in a few minutes. Thanks to its 300 W of power, you can prepare your favorite desserts and even try a new recipe.

It is very practical because it has an easy-access button through which the rods are disassembled when you need to wash them. Its capacity in weight for the mixes with flour is of 500 grams, nevertheless, it is not very big, it measures 365 x 87 x 360 mm reason why you will be able to store it in any corner of the kitchen.

When you are looking for the best cost – benefit ratio, we advise you to check the advantages and disadvantages of this machine, considered the best electric mixer for 30 euros in the market.


Power: It offers 300 W, which are sufficient for the realization of a wide variety of pastry doughs and recipes, in addition to having 5 speeds to regulate the power.

Turbo Function: This is a feature that you will use when you need a little more power to knead or beat what you need.

Rotary Bowl: This is an innovation that will make it easier to beat and knead because, by simply turning the bowl, you can move the mixer through areas where it does not reach a fixed position.

Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transport is easy and comfortable: 36.5 x 8.7 x 36 cm and 2.50 kg in weight.


Power: Some buyers say that the power of this mixer is not well regulated, since the 1st speed is too powerful and end up sprinkling everything.

Zyon Z9800

We finish this list with one of the best electric mixers this year. If you love to prepare homemade bread, this may be your best option, because although it is not the cheapest, it is one of the most powerful.

The Zyon Z9800 has a motor of no less than 1000 W adjustable in 6 speeds, which will allow you to make all kinds of desserts and breads. It is a semi-professional product that works with rotating movement while rotating so that no element is left unmixed. This way you do not have to do anything but add ingredients to the bowl.

One of the advantages of this model is that your kitchen never gets dirty thanks to a practical protective cover that prevents the usual splashes. The Zyon Z9800 allows nothing to spill and no ingredient is wasted.

This electric mixer measures 39cm x 35cm x 19cm and weighs 7 kilograms. That is to say that it is not a compact model, but the good thing is that you can do a lot of mixing at the same time, thanks to its stainless steel bowl with capacity for 5.2 liters.

If after reviewing our list you are still wondering which electric mixer to buy, then, we invite you to browse the characteristics of this model that promises enough.


Power: Offers 1000 W which are ideal for almost any type of pastry dough. In addition, it has 6 adjustable speeds, to make an efficient use of the power and according to the characteristics of what you are preparing.

Safety Cap: Bring this item to avoid possible disasters when using the appliance, by sealing the bowl where the mixture is beaten.

Bowl capacity: It is 5.2 liters, one of the largest on the market, as well as, ideal for anyone who wants to make great preparations at home in comfort.

Maintenance: The bowl is made of stainless steel, so it can be washed in its entirety without affecting its integrity. Also, it can be washed in the dishwasher.


Noisy: Several users comment that the device is quite noisy, so you will have to get accustomed to this peculiarity if you acquire it.

How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuums?

Welcome to the robot vacuum cleaner revolution!

If you are reading this, congratulations! You are one step closer to being part of a small technological revolution 😉

Now seriously, if you are considering buying a robot vacuum cleaner you should consider certain considerations to decide which model of vacuum cleaner is most suited to your needs. In the market there are dozens and dozens of models on sale, whose performance and skills should be appropriate for the type of space to be cleaned.

First of all you should know that a few years have passed since the appearance of those first models, whose efficiency was, if not more, questionable. Current models of vacuum cleaners are equipped with advanced technologies that, among other things, detect obstacles with infrared sensors, adapt the intensity of cleaning to the level of dirt or even can disinfect the surfaces through which they pass with ultraviolet light. Their benefits are proportional to their prices, which on the day of today oscillate between $40 and $1000.

While the most basic models do not have navigation systems (ie, they move randomly, without too much order) and have mechanical obstacle detection systems, the most advanced models are able to “know” all the nooks and crannies of your home, to detect obstacles at a distance (vases, animals, stairs, entanglements of cables …), operate autonomously without human intervention and can be easily programmed to behave and clean as you want.

The first thing to keep in mind: The price of your robot vacuum cleaner

It is obvious that your future decision will be mainly conditioned by what you want to spend on your new assistant. However you should keep in mind that the efficiency of your robot suction will be proportional to its price; Well, do not expect amazing results from mediocre models. Before deciding how much you want to spend, we encourage you to consider the following points:

  • A mid-range aspirated robot has a lifespan of more than 2 years. What you invest now will have repercussions on the comfort and effectiveness of the coming years.
  • There are robots that are automated cleaning machines and there are intelligent and autonomous vacuum cleaner robots. The difference is abysmal.
  • As a general rule, buyers are very satisfied after buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Now, your vacuum cleaner robot will only satisfy you if you are aware of the product you are buying and its capabilities.

With that said, let’s see what options you have depending on your budget:

Robot Vacuums for less than $100

Until recently we would have told you that, with such a tight budget, it was best to continue saving to reach higher models. So far, vacuum cleaners that hovered around $100 were inefficient machines with chaotic behaviors.

However a few months ago appeared in the market a Chinese brand that is revolutionizing the world of low cost vacuum cleaners: iLife. These are robots capable of aspirating and scrubbing with wet mop, programmable, with infrared and mechanical sensors, with HEPA filters of high efficiency … And with a rather orderly and methodical behavior.

Basically offer features of mid-range robots at a tremendously competitive price: The best iLife models cost between $120 and $140 with warranty and shipping included.

Other alternatives in this price range are the robots Taurus Mini Striker and the Vileda Cleaning. Although the operation of both is quite acceptable, they are not as efficient and advanced vacuum cleaners as the iLife.

Robot Vacuums for less of $300 A $500

If your budget is in this range your options are expanded considerably. To begin with you have the Roomba 600 series, the most basic of the brand, with the Roomba 650 as one of its star models (it is a real bestseller).

Within this price range, we also find the Roomba 700 series, which includes more advanced models than the previous series.

Finally, in this segment you can also find the LG Hombot Square Series 6+, 7, 8 and 9. These are some quirky suction robots, because they are square and use a camera to map our home. They are especially meticulous robots and very orderly.

Robot Vacuums for more than +$500

In this case you have two main options. On the one hand, the LG Hombot Square Series: You have the Hombot Square Series 11 and the Hombot Square Series 12. Both are very advanced vacuum cleaners, which can be controlled remotely via the app and even offer Video surveillance of the home.

Finally you also have the efficient robots of the series 800 and 900 of Roomba. These are authentic cleaning machines, powerful, intelligent and hardly requiring maintenance – as it should be. When we talk about the Roomba 900 series we can say without fear to be mistaken that they are the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

The essential characteristics to consider

Below we talk about those characteristics that we think you should consult and take into account whatever robot vacuum cleaner you want and your budget. Remember them well and use them to choose your new assistant!

1. The Navigation System (or its absence)

The cleaning pattern described by a robot vacuum cleaner, conditioned by its navigation system
The navigation system of your future robot vacuum cleaner will determine the way in which it moves, orient and clean in your house. For example, to see the differences:

  • The most basic model we analyzed, the Vileda Virobi, has no navigation system, simply moves randomly, crashing against everything that is found like a ping-pong ball.
  • In the mid-range, we have, for example, the series 600 and 700 of Roomba (remember that you have available the supercomparative of all Roomba), which have an intelligent navigation system. They have mechanical, acoustic and optical sensors and analyze the environment about 50 times per second, creating a “mental” map of the rooms and distribution of the home, remembering every corner and obstacle.
  • At the other end, in the high range, we have navigation systems able to detect the dirtiest areas of the house, through acoustic and optical sensors, and to influence them more. They are also able to “learn” to perfection the distribution of our home through cameras or laser sensors that map the spaces. Some examples of models that we can include in this segment are the series 800 and 900 of Roomba, as well as the LG Hombot Square robots.

2. Cleaning System and Aspiration Capacity

There are models that do not even aspire, they just pass the mop. However most robot vacuum cleaner models combine two methods of collecting dust: the brush and the vacuum. Its usual way of working is to collect dust with the side brush (or brushes, on some models) and put it in the optimal place for suctioning. However, each model and brand has its own system. For example, there are some brushed side brushes (number 1 in the image above) and others that only have “roller” brushes (number 2 in the same image).

On the other hand, the suction power is also an important factor to take into account. However, it is not decisive: more suction power does not necessarily determine more efficiency. The efficiency will be determined by a combination of more factors, such as the arrangement of the brushes, the number of them, the navigation system and, in general, how well designed the robot is. By the way (I forgot) power is measured in Wattios (W) and actually expresses the electric consumption of the vacuum cleaner (not its effectiveness!).

3. The Programability

The program … what? Speaking clearly: The ability of your future robot sucker to work autonomously and according to the orders that you give. The most basic models have zero or limited programmability, while “decent” models have highly functional options. For practical purposes this will allow you to tell the robot vacuum cleaner what days and at what time he has to clean. Most models also include “direct” orders. For example, your child has left the living room rug full of cookies crumbs (does anyone sound?) … because you tell your assistant to do a thorough cleaning only of that area (by pressing the button Spot Clean, in the case Of the Roomba).

4. The Autonomy and the Capacity of the Deposit

How big is your home? If the answer is “big” or “very big” you should keep in mind that the more autonomy your future robot has, the better. By autonomy we mean the time the robot can work after a full load, and usually this time is between one hour and one and a half hours. While it is true that almost all robots, as soon as they detect that they have low “batteries” go back to the base alone to charge, the more autonomy more efficiency will have the cleaning system.

On the other hand, you will also have to look at the capacity of the dirt tank. For example, if you have pets (ie dog or cat hair everywhere) choose a model with a good deposit. Some models have a full tank warning; In others you must become accustomed to take an eye to see how full it is. Ah, tank capacity is measured in Liters (L), or sometimes in Centiliters (CL) or Milliliters (ML), and we consider that “decent” tank capacities are those that start at 0.3L.

5. The Noise

Yes, unfortunately your future robot vacuum cleaner is going to make noise. But less (or significantly less, in some cases) than a traditional vacuum cleaner. However this factor should only worry you if you spend the day at home, or you work in your own home. The great advantage of these devices is that they are programmable (even the most “mediocre” models) so you will be able to program it to work while you are not at home. This way, although you may be disturbed by the noise, you will not be there to hear it.

However, if you think that this is going to be an important factor for you, you should know that noise is measured in decibels (dB) and that the standard of a vacuum cleaner robot is between 50 and 80 dB. To give you an idea a normal vacuum cleaner produces about 90 dB, and a hair dryer about 80 dB.

Other features that may matter to you

So far, the most basic and essential. But depending on your case and your needs you may want your future vacuum cleaner to have any of the following characteristics.


Vacuums, all of them, even those of a lifetime, raise dust. When they suck air they also take the dust off the floor. This passes through a circuit and is mostly retained in the corresponding receptacle or bag. However, the air aspirated must re-emerge, and often it is filled with small particles of microscopic dust that have not been able to be retained by their small size. This situation should not bother you too much, unless you or someone in your family is allergic to dust or you want to have a “cleaner” air. In this case it is recommended that your future vacuum cleaner has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. These filters are capable of capturing particles of 0.3 μm; That is, they purify the air from dust and unwanted particles. If you have a good budget for your robot vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to look for it with HEPA filter.

Schematic of a HEPA filter (source: Wikipedia)
(If you are particularly interested in the subject of HEPA filters you can see what the Wikipedia says about them here).


Of course, this is not an important feature; But you may want a model with a remote control. You should know that not all models have and that you can control basic options such as the program of the robot vacuum or their working hours. However, if you have mobility issues (or you are going to give the robot a vacuum cleaner to someone older in the family, something quite habitual) you may want the future assistant to have a remote control.


Virtual walls?, you must be wondering 🙂 . The virtual walls are accessories that serve to delimit in a “virtual” spaces of the house where we do not want the vacuum cleaner to enter or clean. For example, you can put your assistant to clean the terrace, and delimit the lawn area so that it does not enter into it. Or veto the room of a very small child where it plays on his carpet. Many Roomba models already include virtual walls in their basic pack and you may never get to use it (I’ve never used them, for example, the more rooms I clean my robot, the better!)


If you choose one of the well-known and international brands (Roomba of iRobot, LG, Vileda …) this point should not worry you at all. However, if you choose “rare brands” you should keep in mind that it may be very difficult or impossible to find spare parts, should you need them. So it is most advisable to check, before buying the robot vacuum cleaner, if spare parts are available.


Do you have any furniture lower than normal (a bed, a sofa) and want your future assistant to effectively clean under it? If so, you should take into account the height of your robot, and check before you buy if it will be “dwarf” enough to pass under your furniture.

Now that you are already an expert in vacuum robots, we invite you to continue your search with …

Reputable Brands of the Best Ironing Boards

Most of the working men and women would want to wear their dress ironed daily while going to the office. Due to the hectic life schedule, ironing is the frustrating work for all the home makers but at the same time it can’t be avoidable. Some of them may think to hire a servant to do it but it is absolutely a wrong decision because they will collect hefty fees for ironing your dresses. In order to get rid of these problems, you should need to go for the highly reliable and reputable brand of the iron box in 2017. By this way, it will make your entire cloth ironing process in the simpler manner. When it comes to the ironing process, everyone should need an ironing board which will make ironing easier to everyone. The following are the best options of the ironing boards for this year.

Top rated ironing boards 

The below mentioned ironing boards are the high quality and top rated ironing boards which are really essentials for all the home makers in order to make your ironing process too simpler.

1. Household essentials extra-wide top 4 leg large sized ironing board

  • It is the top on this list and this ironing board is the best option of household essentials which has additional width with the four legged sturdy design.
  • This ironing board is completely made up of the heavy gauge steel which has the durable frame design.
  • It has the best shape to avoid losing or bending. At the same time, it includes the wobbling under pressure.
  • This ironing board as well as has the most reliable four legged design which is the most appreciating design by several numbers of users.

2. Brabantia ironing board with the solid steam iron-rest

  • When the individuals are looking for the ironing board with the sturdy and spacious model, you can go for this Brabantia ironing board.
  • It works well for your ironing process because it features the wide size C-shaped top with the 49 x 18 inch spacious design. Thus, it will meet the needs of the several persons.
  • It is also the new model ironing board for heavy-duty and light ironing.

3. Household essentials 144222 over the door small sized ironing board

  • In most of the houses, the people don’t have enough space to place all the necessary things. For this main reason, they are looking for the small sized ironing boards like this model.
  • It is the best suitable option of ironing board for your bedrooms, pantry, kitchen and anywhere in order to solve your ironing problems.
  • It is a very good solution instead of choosing the freestanding ironing boards.

4. Homz durabilt DX1500 premium ironing board with the wider legs

  • Homz is definitely the most reliable and reputable United States brand providing the high quality ironing board to everyone.
  • Most of the consumers prefer buying this product to enjoy its unique and wider legged design for the easy ironing process.
  • The users can able to expand the front legs of this ironing board up to 25 inches as per your preferences.

5. Homz T-legged ironing board with cotton cover

  • Even though there are diverse range of brands and models existing to provide the ironing boards, Homz ironing board with the T-leg is definitely the most suitable option to easily and quickly iron your clothes.
  • It is surely the best model of ironing board which is considered to be the premium ironing accessory with the extensive range of features.
  • This ironing board has the measure of 53 x 13 inch that is the spacious board fits most types of the clothes.

6. Westex compact ironing board for the best laundry solutions

  • Although you have a high quality iron box at home, some of the individuals can’t able to get the well pressed and neat clothes due to the misselection of the ironing boards.
  • This is why everyone is highly recommended to go for the compact ironing board from the Westex board in order to get the best laundry solutions.
  • This model of ironing board is available in both the online and offline stores at the cheapest cost.
  • As it has the compact and stylish design with the unique blend of features, most of the people would like to buy it for their regular ironing process

7. Household essentials euro style premium quality ironing board

  • When you are going to the euro style household essential ironing board, its performance and design are really improved for the new generation users.
  • Everyone can now able to find the effective and lively options of the ironing board from the euro style ironing board.
  • It could definitely be the premium household accessory with the best theme of design.
  • Similarly, it has the vibrant orange color with the stylish design.

8. Bartnelli T-legged extra wider ironing board

  • If the buyers are looking for the top functional and affordable brand of the ironing board, Bartnelli is really the most suitable brand for your easy ironing process.
  • It has been the most popular brand of ironing board for many years and it includes the T-leg model in order to give the stylish outlook.
  • This additional wider ironing board has 51 x 19 inches spacious European design to iron your clothes at home.

9. Parker extra wider ironing board

  • Parker is definitely the most suitable choice of brand providing the high quality type of ironing board which can be used in the boutiques, homes and also the commercial laundries.
  • For the day to day use, this ironing board is the best option which has the extra wider design along with the retractable shoulder wings and sturdy design.
  • The increased surface is another most considerable feature of this ironing board for your regular use.
  • You can find this model of best ironing board from the leading online shops.

Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis

Faced with the particular dictatorship of Nespresso models, where you can only have coffee, coffee or coffee, Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker include a plethora of beverages ranging from coffee to tea and chocolate among others. Drinks pleasant and prepared alone thanks to the included electronic system, eliminating problems and discomfort when working. Among the most outstanding models of the market we find the Krups Mini Me coffee machine. This model is the favorite of users, who consider it ideal to prepare all kinds of drinks thanks to its 15 pressure bars and its adjustable cup system in up to 4 different sizes. But if you want to have drinks in large quantities, your choice is the model Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3. A Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker with a deposit of 1.5 liters and an excellent performance that will have your drink ready in just 30 seconds.


What is the best Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker on the market?

For those who live on more than coffee, or prefer to have more control over how they prepare their drinks, Dolce Gusto coffee makers become an alternative to the rigidity of Nespresso capsule systems. The good news is that you choose the model you choose, they all have the same quality to get perfect drinks in different formats adapted to your taste. If you want to know more about these products just read the advice of our guide to buy the best coffee maker Dolce Gusto according to your preferences.

Buying Guide

Format of the coffee maker

All Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker are governed by the same technical parameters, in terms of working pressure and how to prepare drinks by the code system that the capsules with which the coffee maker knows how to act. Therefore, when talking about the format we will refer to the exterior design of the coffee maker, which offers different measures and options depending on the space and what we want.

In the part of the format we can find conventional models, which follow the line of traditional coffee machines, placing the cup in the front area of ​​the machine, with a more or less rectangular format. This is the most common format, but then we also have variations that give a special touch of elegance to your home.

Among them we find the products with the shape of a niche, where the cup is completely placed inside the machine and does not lose a drop. Or the most modern designs models, with independent heads and transparent deposits. At the end we have options of all kinds to choose and even to decorate.

Beverage Preparation System

As mentioned, the beverage preparation system is in part predetermined by the characteristics of the capsules. The bar codes included in them help to know the parameters that should be applied in each of them.

However, here we can also find differences in aspects such as warm-up time. Models that offer greater power or specific systems of rapid heating allow us to have our drink in less time (just seconds remember). These high power models also reach the operating temperature at a higher speed, saving time in the process.

The last element in this section, key in any comparative of Dolce Gusto coffee makers, is the control over that preparation. As mentioned before the process is usually automated, although there are coffee makers that allow adjustments to be made to the beverage to be prepared. The difference of how much a model or another costs is scarce and in the end allows us to be able to maintain full control over the way the drink is dispensed.

Management of capsules and water

As a last aspect of this guide, we wanted to mention the two elements that mainly require our attention when it comes to preparing drinks. We talk about the way the capsules are placed inside, as well as the water tank and its assembly once full.

On the side of the capsules, the Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker has two main formats. One of them involves opening a lid in which the capsule is housed and we can place it properly. In the other product line this capsule is placed in a removable capsule holder. Both formats are just as comfortable and really do not make big differences.

Where there are differences is in the deposit. A section in which the supply of coffee grows the proposal, being able to find deposits ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water capacity. The larger the deposit the less you will have to recharge it when preparing your drinks, so the lesson will be given by how often you use the machine. By the way, models with transparent deposit or at least visible as far as the load level are concerned are preferable.

What is the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker in 2017?

Enjoying coffee, tea and all kinds of hot and cold drinks is easy with the modern Dolce Gusto coffee makers. A first level products that allow us to have these drinks in a few seconds just by putting the capsule of our favorite drink.

Although it is not for us to decide which is the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker of the moment, since this is your business, if we can introduce you to our candidates. Five top-tier products selected from among the best Dolce Gusto coffee machines of 2017, both for their price level and for the features they offer us.

Krups Mini Me

The Dolce Gusto mini Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker is currently considered by consumers as the best Dolce Gusto coffee machine of the moment. Among other things because it is the product with which everything started and is currently the most common purchase decision by users.

This model has an electric power of 1500 watts and a pressure of 15 bars with which to obtain espressos and drinks prepared of ideal form in its right point. In fact, we can choose between hot or cold drinks thanks to the selector lever included.

The model incorporates a system that allows you to choose up to four different cup levels, including a water tank of 0.8 liters so that you prepare your drinks without having to recharge frequently.

Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3

The Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3 coffee machine is an evolved and current model of this beverage preparation system, capable of preparing from coffee to tea, chocolate and more.

The product incorporates a system of rapid heating that allows to have the product ready in just 30 seconds. The model is able to generate a pressure of 15 bars, in line with the rest of products of the range, to obtain a coffee brew or the quality drink, also including 6 coffee capsules for you to put to the test.

The product is completed with a 1.5 liter tank with which the recharge periods are reduced, being able to prepare many drinks without loading the tank too frequently.

De’Longhi EDG200.B

De’Longhi is one of the companies that has made the leap to the world of the Dolce Gusto system, presenting products like the De’Longhi model EDG200.B. The coffeemaker is based on the Thermoblock system that allows rapid heating of the water, accompanied by a selector to use cold or hot water as you need.

It is complemented by a safety system that does not emit water if the capsule holder is not in place. The product works at the usual pressure of 15 bars, serving for all types of drinks, also with the tray collects drops made of stainless steel, which facilitates the cleaning of the product.

This tray can be placed on four different levels depending on the size of the cup you want to prepare. And if to all this we add an attractive price, we have before us the best coffee maker Dolce Gusto for the price ratio of the moment.

Krups Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker Oblo

If there is something that catches the eye on the model Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo is his presence. And is that its format differs from the usual both by the showy exterior and the format niche of the area to place the cup.

Out of these elements and their compact size, the product shares the other elements of these multi-drink coffee machines, including the capsule reading system, the beverage settings and the power of 15 bars to make the most of each gram of coffee or of what corresponds.

The product incorporates a tank of 0.8 liters and a tray adjustable in three heights depending on the type of cup that you want to use in the process.

DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Stelia

The design of the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Stelia Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker offers a different shape reminiscent of a swan, with its neck for water intake, the transparent tank in the back area and its pouring head.

This product has a tank of 1 liter of water of capacity that we can control visually for its transparent housing.

The pouring system has the adjustable format of this product, controlling both the level of preparation of the drinks as well as the other parameters of the preparation of your drinks.

The product is completed with the tray collects drops, made of quality plastic that can be cleaned easily, as well as adjusting it in height according to the size of cup you use.