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If you are a person who has little time available to go to the barbershop or work in one and you want to acquire the best instruments for the performance of your work, obtaining an excellent machine can be the solution. Before you decide to buy a particular model, keep in mind some aspects that will allow you to acquire the best option. First, regarding the quality of the blades, make sure they are made of stainless steel or coated with titanium or ceramic, to ensure a precise cut. Also the engine is important, because if you need the greater power, the rotary or oscillators are the best alternative. Having compared the characteristics of the most sold Hair Clippers, we can recommend the Panasonic ER-1611, as one of the most outstanding models, for its ergonomic design, powerful engine and a range of up to 50 minutes. Another notable feature is the Remington HC5810 Pro Advanced Ceramic, for its variety of accessories including 10 different cutting combs, scissors, neck brush and lubricating oil, also features LED indicators and sharp blades with ceramic coating.

Which is the best Haircut Kit on the market?

We all seek, in one way or another, to save. Knowing which hair Hair Clippers to buy can help us save a lot of money on hairdressing. For this reason and because our function is to offer you solutions to make your purchases are good investments, we have prepared this guide to buy the best Hair Clippers.

We will tell you which are the aspects that you should pay more attention when you make a comparison of cutters.

Buying Guide

Some of the aspects to which you should pay attention when looking for a good machine cuts:

With cable or without cable?

Some people, as soon as they read that a machine is wireless, think that it is better only for that. While this condition makes it much easier to use the machine, the autonomy of the same is not very long and if you are looking to buy a cheap, probably the good cordless Hair Clipperswill be out of your budget.

If you opt for a wireless it evaluates:

Charging time: Some can last up to one day in charge.

Runtime: This is the time you can wirelessly use the machine to cut it.

Possibility to use with or without cable: This is very important, when there is no charge you can use it with cable? If you opt for a cable, it is important that you look for one that the cable is long enough, so that it is easy to use, but not so long as to be uncomfortable.


The cutter must have a powerful motor to efficiently fulfill its function, this is especially important if you are going to cut very thick or very thick hair.

There are three types of motors with regard to the cutter: pivoting (oscillating), rotary and magnetic. Rotators are the most powerful, but usually the machines that have these engines are bigger and therefore a little more difficult to handle.

On the other hand, magnetic motors are faster, but less powerful and pivoting, although powerful enough to cut thick and even wet hair, tend to be slower.

Size and weight of the machine

Try to buy a machine that has been ergonomically designed, that is easy to grasp and handle. Size and weight are important because it is lighter and more compact, easier to handle.

Quality of the blades

The quality of the blades can be the difference between buying a good cutting machine or wasting money.

Most manufacturers currently use self-sharpening blades, which is very important for long-term use of the machine, but it is also important if they are stainless steel or titanium or ceramic coated.

With the latter two you can get better finishes, but whatever the material, it is very important, after each use, to give the maintenance that the manufacturer indicates in the user manual. In some cases, it is necessary to wash the head to remove any traces of hair or dust and in many cases it is also recommended to lubricate the blades.

Comb type

Although many people associate cutting machines with military or shaved cuts, the truth is that with a little skill many different cuts can be achieved. For this, it is imperative to use the appropriate comb.

There are two types of varieties, those machines that have an adjustable comb and graduates the length of the cut with a selector part of the cutter; other machines come with interchangeable combs. Currently, most of the best cutting machines come with the adjustable comb, but your choice should depend on your needs and preference.

If you choose a cutter with interchangeable combs try to check the quality of the same, they must be of a resistant material.

Laser Cutting Guide

The higher-end models include a laser guide for difficult profile areas such as sideburns, nape, behind the ears, etc. This is a rather characteristic feature of beard Hair Clippers, but some hair cutters include it and can be very useful to achieve a perfect finish.

Possibility to use it in wet

Not all hair Hair Clippers can be used in wet conditions. It is a really useful feature, but it also affects how much a cutter costs, so if it is not important to you, you can do without it.

Being able to use the machine while you shower, for example, can be an important time saving, a resource that many lack nowadays.

What is the best Haircut Kit of 2017?

Yes you are a busy person who does not have a chance to go to the barbershop every time you need a cut or if, on the other hand, you are a barber who is looking for a more optimal and effective team to perform in their work, then take a look at the following list, where you can choose, among several models, the best quality-price cutters in the market according to the opinions of users:

Panasonic ER-1611

Main advantage:

After analyzing the characteristics of the model of cutters Panasonic ER-1611 we find that the main advantage is linked to the great finishes of the product. Even users dissatisfied with some aspect claim that this is a powerful and very well made article.

Main disadvantage:

The only disadvantage we have found linked to the model of Panasonic brand cutters is that, some users, would have preferred a machine with a more flush cut. The present is a short hair not a shaved hour whose minimum cut is 0.8 mm.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

In good and we recommend the purchase of this particular model if what you are looking for is to buy a product that lasts with you many years. It is an indispensable professional cutter at a really attractive selling price.



When analyzing the different models of cutters available in the market, we find that the models of the Panasonic brand are not only the most functional products but also the most attractive in terms of design.

Of course the ER-1611 model is not the exception to the rule; we have a product of ergonomic design made in matte black and silver colors whose overall dimensions oscillate between 17 cm long by 4, 5 cm in width and other 4.5 cm in total height. Its overall weight makes it an easy-to-handle product with only 907 grams in average weight.

Another peculiarity of design worth noting in this article is the incorporation of a low battery indicator light, as well as the incorporation of a height adjustable dial that allows a more precise use of the product.

When buying the best cut hairs from the market it is necessary to carefully visualize the different characteristics linked to the materials; these are the ones that often mark the difference between the product that we take home and the product that we leave aside.

We also have an article whose materials and general assembly are of first quality, as soon as you have the machine in your hands you can notice the robust of the materials since it feels heavy the tact giving testimony of its many attributes. On the other hand we have that the leaves of the razor are made in carbon fiber covered with titanium which grants not only a longer useful life but also a more precise and perfect cut.


One of the most important aspects when it comes to cutting machines is to observe in detail the power supply of the product. Some high quality items spend too much energy, having to put batteries constantly is reflected in an expense that may not be worth it.

The good thing about the Panasonic ER-1611 hair Hair Clippers is that you will not have to deal with any of these issues. The power options in this product are designed to meet all possible tastes running simultaneously with batteries and with electricity according to your preference.

In addition to being a 100% ecological product, which is automatically regulated to a mode of inactivity to consume a minimum of energy. The linear motor in this model works for a constant force.

Remington HC5810 Pro Advanced Ceramic


Like the previous model, you can use the HC5810 Pro Advanced Ceramic standalone or wired, however, its service life per charge is 40 minutes, making it more limiting than the Panasonic ER-1611. Despite this, it includes up to 10 different combs, with which you will be able to choose a haircut or hair that goes between 3 mm and 40 mm, and without the combs, you will be able to reach a cut of 0.8 mm up 2 mm.

Likewise, it has an estimated time of loading of 90 minutes, but if you are looking for a more economical and durable model, this could be the best  Hair Clippers for you, especially if you work in a barbershop since it is designed based on those patterns.

Also, it is very dynamic, since in its structure it includes a bar of LED lights that indicate the battery level of your cutter to prevent you.

If you are looking for economics, then we recommend you to check the following pros and cons regarding Remington HC5810 Pro Advanced Ceramic, which could be considered the best cutter for 50 euros. Take a look and decide for yourself!


Wireless: Like the previous model, this equipment can also be used without its power cord, since it has a rechargeable battery, giving you more freedom when shaving.

Accessories: Includes 10 different combs, so you can choose between your hair cuts from 3 mm to 40 mm, having a very wide range. In addition, it includes scissors, neck brush and even a bottle of oil to lubricate the equipment.

LED Indicators: They are distributed in the model in bar form, and they indicate the life of the battery of this cutter. As it wears out, you will notice the moment when you need to put it to load. It should be noted that it has an autonomy of up to 40 minutes, and can even be used with the power cable.

Blades: These are made with a ceramic coating and are self-sharpening, that is, they are very sharp, while being resistant and long lasting.


Battery Charging: According to users, it takes 7 to 8 hours to charge, even though its advertising indicates that it needs only 90 minutes to charge.

Philips HC7460 / 15


The Philips brand has been synonymous with quality and advanced technology for decades. Your HC7460 / 15 model is no exception. It is an efficient equipment that offers great precision and total control in the cut, thanks to its self-sharpening blades of stainless steel and three motorized guide combs of different length, which will allow you to realize any type of cut, in a uniform and precise way.

It has control buttons and a user interface that allow you to precisely select the length of cut you want thanks to its more than 60 positions to choose. The combs offer the security of cutting all the time to the desired length and achieve constant results at all times. It also features DualCut technology, which combines a double-edged cutting element with low friction engineering, which allows cutting twice as fast as a standard Philips Hair Clippers. To top it off, it incorporates a Turbo function that automatically increases speed when encountered with thick hair, all for accurate cuts without effort.

Another outstanding aspect of this equipment is its powerful lithium-ion battery, which allows a range of up to 120 minutes of cordless use, after a charge of only one hour.


Programmable: With its control buttons you can choose from 60 different cut lengths. It also includes three adjustable motorized combs from 1 to 7 mm, from 7 to 24 mm and from 24 to 42 mm, which ensures a cut all the time to the desired length.

Speed: With its built-in DualCut technology, you’ll be able to cut hair twice as fast as conventional hair Hair Clippers of its type. It also has Turbo function, which is activated automatically when you find thick hair.

Battery: Includes a formidable lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 120 minutes of cordless use after a charge of 1 hour. It can be used with or without cable.

Warranty: It has a worldwide warranty of up to 5 years. Just enter the manufacturer’s website, register the equipment and you will get a 3-year warranty in addition to the Philips standard 2 years, which translates into 5 years in total.


Size: The size and design of combs could be uncomfortable, especially for cuts in the mustache area and around the ears.

Wahl Super Taper


This model has become one of the favorites by professionals in EE. UU. and other parts of the world. It is a powerful and highly efficient equipment. It features high precision chrome blades and V5000 vibration motor for uninterrupted and continuous use. It has a variable cut length adjustment that can vary between 1 and 3.5 mm.

Thanks to its fluid and powerful cut, many men choose this model for the care of the beard, as it provides a uniform result without damaging the skin of the face. Thanks to a robust motor with overheating protection system and its cable length of 2.4 meters, it can be used without problems for long periods, which makes this machine perfect for professional use in salons.

Includes a variety of useful accessories like blade guard, 4 plastic combs for cuts of different length and thickness, flat top comb, oil for blades, cleaning brush and instruction manual.

It is definitely a very good team, with good ratings on the Internet and really fulfills its mission effectively.


Power: The most outstanding aspect of this model is the excellent power of its V5000 professional vibration motor, which allows effortless precise cuts, even thicker hair, and thanks to its overheat protection system, which makes it perfect for professional use.

Stability: Despite its power, this machine works in a smooth and smooth, without undesired jumps that can mistreat your skin, so many men choose it for the maintenance of the beard.

Accessories: Includes a variety of accessories to facilitate hairdressing and maintenance of the machine, such as four plastic combs for cut lengths, blade protector, flat top comb, oil and a handy cleaning brush that will allow you to remove the dirty between the blades without problems.


Noise: Due to its type of vibratory motor, the machine can become quite noisy, especially after a very long time of use, so the blade screws must always be correctly adjusted.

Moser 1881.0055 TrendCut


If you are not looking for the best  Hair Clippers on the market in terms of loading time, then you can take into consideration the model 1881.0055 TrendCut Moser brand. This equipment has an autonomous life of up to 60 minutes, after a charge of 12 hours and can be used both with and without cable, there are no problems in this regard.

However, if you are looking for an easy model to load and use, this is not yours. Despite this, it has six combs that will make possible a cut of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and up to 25 mm. The best of this model is that unlike previous equipment, this is able to cut up to a minimum of 0.7 mm without any type of comb.

It should be mentioned that Moser has been considered the best brand of cutters thanks to its long history in the world of barbershop, and that is why to take a look at the pros and cons of your model 1881.0055 TrendCut, it will not hurt.


Wireless: Like the equipment previously described, this Hair Clipperscan be used without the need of a power cable, since it has a rechargeable battery, which will give you greater freedom and comfort when using it.

Battery: On the other hand, to emphasize that it has an autonomous life of 60 minutes in use, requiring for its full charge a total time of 12 hours. However, it can be used both independently and with the power cord, in case you run out of battery in the middle of a shaved.

Accessories: It brings with it 6 combs, of this form it makes possible to obtain cuts of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 25 mm, great variety for your choice! In addition, it comes with scissors, oil to lubricate the equipment and a cleaning brush, to remove the hairs that remain inside the equipment. To make matters worse, your shaving can reach a minimum of 0.7 mm when removing the combs.


Loaded: One of the points against this model is that it requires a charging time of 12 hours, so some users believe it excessive.

Blades: Despite being designed with stainless steel and being of high quality, users claim that they are very sharp and that can lead to cause unwanted cuts if not used with care.

Philips QG3320 / 15


As far as economy is concerned, the Philips company always has one and is that this model is one of the best cheap cutters on the market, given that, despite being affordable, it is perfectly in line with its work. What makes this team a competitor among multiple cutters is the fact that it includes beard-mustache combs and even a nose Hair Clippers, is not it great?

Likewise, you can choose from the 18 measures that include the equipment ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm. On the other hand, it is totally water resistant, so when you finish a cut you can rinse it under the tap and ready, you should not worry about cleaning it.

Also, it has an autonomous life of only 35 minutes after a load of 10 hours, reason why it is much more limitante than the previous models.

However, if you are in search of one of the cheapest network Hair Clippers, then we invite you to review the pros and cons regarding the Philips model, the QG3320 / 15 and take them into account in case you wish to purchase them.


Accessories: Unlike its predecessors, this haircut comes with a nose trimmer and a mustache. In addition, it has a comb guide that includes up to 18 different positions ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Resistance to water: To top it off, it is water resistant !, thanks to which you can wash it to extract any remaining hairs without any problem, or even shave with a wet beard.

Wireless: Can also be used with a 35-minute battery, since it is rechargeable. However, it requires 10 hours of charging to obtain such autonomy but can be used together with the power cable.


Blades: Users claim that a lot of hair accumulates in the comb, becoming annoying, and not being removable, requires a deeper cleaning.

Material: Being plastic is not very resistant and therefore it is suggested greater precaution when using it.

Remington PG6060


1.Remington PG6060 The Remington PG6060 is a cordless model with a battery that has a life of up to 110 minutes, which is why it can be used in multiple opportunities before needing to be charged. On the other hand, has been called as a 9 in 1 kit, so it is multifunction, and it is because it has 5 interchangeable heads with which you can opt for cuts ranging from 1.5 millimeters to 12 millimeters.

In addition, thanks to an adjustable comb that includes, you will have the option to vary the cut between 2 mm and 16 mm, with more options. So, if it were not enough, it has a precision cutter capable of cutting a minimum of 0.2 millimeters. It also includes an ideal head for trimming the hair on the nose and ears.

Likewise, it should be noted that their heads are fully washable to facilitate the cleaning process and, likewise, their titanium blades are self-sharpening so you should not fear that they lose their edge. With measures of 16.4 x 10 x 23.2 cm and a weight of only 676 grams, is a model to take into account.

Now, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the Remington PG6060 trimmer, then we invite you to check its advantages and disadvantages:


Wireless: The best thing about this equipment is that you can use it without the need for any power cable that will leave you free and comfortable. However, if you run out of battery at the wrong time (you have 110 minutes of autonomy), you can either use it with your power cable and continue the work where you left off.

Accessories: It contains 7 combs and 5 heads with which you will be able to cut several of your beard, or any area of ​​your body, and adjust them to the one of your preference taking into consideration that the combs range from a minimum of 0.2 millimeters to 16 millimeters for your adjustment. In addition, it has a battery indicator to know how much it has and if it needs to be charged.

Blades: Another of its advantages is that its blades are titanium, and to top it off they are self-sharpening, leaving you an excellent finish. Also, they are fully washable, so you can simply put them under water when finished using and ready.


Variables: Due to the great amount of accessories, it is only a question of a little patience and attempts to get the best comb that goes with your style.

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