10 Best Travel Power Adapters to Buy Online

Adapter is quite important in the day to day life for charging different devices. It may be mobile phone, or electric razor, hair straightener or laptop; the adapter is a mandatory device to charge these devices. Depends on the voltage required for the device, the type of adapter differs. As far as adapter is considered, it will be most useful during travel. The adapters used especially during travel are called travel adapters which are compact is size with some useful kits like plugs for compatible usage in different countries and places. Let’s check top 10 best travel power adaptors.

FlePow 1250W Power Strip

This is an international travel outlet adapter with plug and it can be used in European countries, US, UK and Australia. This adapter can be useful for iPhone, Tablet, and mobile phones. The adapter has two plugs for AC power and 4 USB ports have been provided. This adapter has been reviewed as the best to use in more than 150 countries. The size of the adapter is compact and the design is sleek. The make of the adapter is light weight hence it is best for travelling. This adapter can’t be useful for the devices with above 1250 watts.

All in One Universal Travel Adaptor

All in one universal travel adapter is next in the list. This adapter has dual charging USB ports and it can be used in countries such as UK, European, US and Australia. This adapter is useful for both mobile phones and laptop devices. This adapter is also useful almost in 150 countries. The special feature of this adapter is the built in fuse feature. Fuse protection is provided for safety purpose hence individuals that use this adapter need not worry about electrocution or explosion. It is compact in size and is light weight in make hence it will be suitable for travelling purpose.

Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger

Insten adapter is quite useful for the travelers since it is compatible to use is various countries. This adapter will be useful in countries such as European, UK, US, China and Australia. This adapter comes with Surge protection as built in feature. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices. Speaking about the special feature of this adapter, the lock switch is quite useful in all the ways to choose the type of the plug that is needed.

BONAZZA Universal World Travel Adapter

Bonazza is a travel adapter charger that can be useful over 150 countries. It will be useful to charge any kind of device with USB charging options. The adapter comes with the surge protection. This adapter has 4 USB ports and it has notable features. The one of the special feature about this adapter is that it has multiple plugs hence people that travel with you also can charge their device.

All Power Chargers Travel Charging Station

This adapter has 4 international adapters especially for travel purpose and 4 USB ports are given in this. The best of this device is that it is affordable in price and compact in design. This adapter comes with surge protection. This adapter can be useful in almost 200 countries and it comes with the built in surge protection. The adapter is fire resistant model and the individual need not worry about overheating and other issues.

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set

Ceptics is an international travel adapter charger useful for charging mobile phones, laptops and cameras etc. This adapter can be useful in most of the countries since it is compatible model. You can use this to charge the devices up to 3000 Watts. The brand offers life time warranty and travel bag with this adapter.

PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter

Pors-ela is a dual USB charger that can be used word wide. This adapter can be used in the countries such as US, Australia, UK and Asia. This adapter is fuse feature integrated so no issues regarding protection. The provided LED lights indicate the charging level of the device. This adapter is attractive in design and will be well suitable for travelers because of the compact design.


USB Travel Power Strip with 8 International Adapters

This adapter is an international model with five 40W USB ports. As far as usage is considered, this device can be used in most of the countries around the world since 8 international adapters are provided. The surge protector is the special feature as it comes with 2 outlets. It works around 200 countries hence will be useful for the frequent travelers that travel to different countries. There are no issues about overheating, high voltage and over current because the short circuit protection is provided.

Poweradd 2-Outlet International Travel Charger

This adapter can be useful for travelling purpose because of light weight and compact design and you can use this in around 150 countries around the world. It has dual USB ports especially given for business trips and you could use it in the major countries such as US, UK, Australia, Europe and many other countries. It has 5 power adapters with 2 AC outlets and 24 months warranty is given for this adapter.

USB Charger Plug Syncwire

It is a 4 port USB adapter and charger that can be used in the countries such as Europe, UK, and US. You can use this adapter for most of the mobile phones and other USB devices. It is compatible for the latest iPhone, Samsung and many other leading brands. The design is attractive and the make is light weight.


Travel adapter is mandatory for the frequent travelers as they travel to different countries. It is best to choose the device with various considerations by comparing the features as per the usage. Consider the power and voltage range, the number of ports, surge protection and the type of device connected as factors to decide on buying the best travel adapter charger. Consider the quality of the device in terms of design, finish and the usage as there are many devices in the market.

Best Wireless Presenters

Business professionals, executives and instructors have to deliver presentations as it is an integral part of their career.  Presentations are the best way to make the audience understand the proposals, concepts and every other thing through key points, pictorials and images. As it has become most important, the business professional or executive or related person needs to use the presenter that helps them to operate the presentation easily as per their convenience.

It would be tough for them to handle the presentation if they don’t have wireless presenter. Having the wireless presenter it will be easy for the presenting person to do the presentation without any hassles. Wireless presenter is a compact device that can be operated with thumb and other fingers mostly using thumb as the device will be in the size that fits inside the palm of the hand.

Dinofire Wireless Presenter

When it comes to choosing the best presenter in the market the Dinofire will be the perfect choice because Dinofire has various useful features and it will be most helpful for doing any kind of presentation. Actually Dinofire is a famous brand for many years, based in US, designing and crafting electronic products used for office purposes.


  • Easy to use
  • Visible laser light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Light weight

Inateck WP1004 Wireless Presenter Remote

The one of the wireless presenter model for cheaper cost, best performance and wide range of features could be Inateck WP1004. The control buttons are easy to use and softer comparing to other brands in the market and the design is compact with sleek finish.


  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Long wireless range
  • Easy to use

Targus Wireless Presenter AMP16US-52- with Laser Pointer

This wireless presenter is quite different in model and design and it has intuitive buttons.  Targus wireless presenter is mostly similar to the usual TV remote controller hence it will be easier for the presenting person to operate. It has all the basic important functions of a wireless presenter.

  • Features:
  • AA Battery powered
  • Laser pointer
  • Intuitive control buttons

Inateck WP1002 Presenter Pen

If you are seeking a sleek design and easy to operate wireless presenter than Inateck WP1002 wireless presenter is the ideal choice for you. The fact is that most of the users who have been using this wireless presenter have given commendable review about this. This wireless presenter is one of the best models well received by the people.


  • Soft-touch
  • Light weight
  • Bright lacer light
  • Dedicated control buttons

Kensington Wireless Presenter and Cursor Control (K72427AM)

The versatile wireless presenter with attractive features could be Kensington Wireless Presenter and cursor control. As the name of the presenter implies, it is a wireless presenter with mouse controller option. The one of the major consideration about this model is the reputation of the brand. The brand that is famous for office peripherals and it quite famous for decades.

Doosi Wireless Presenter

After an extensive research, the Doosi wireless presenter is the one of the model that is most light weight as it is just 0.2 ounces in weight. The dimension of the wireless presenter is 5.5 x 0.8 x 0.8- inches. This is why that it is called as most compact wireless presenter in the list of best wireless presenter 2017.


  • Light weight
  • Compact Size
  • Easy controls
  • With attractive features, Doosi is costs cheaper and it is ranking in the top selling wireless presenters in Amazon.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter Remote

If you don’t want to spend much on a wireless presenter but still if you need it most with attractive features then Beboncool wireless presenter is the ideal choice. This wireless presenter is reviewed and recommended as the best model with standard features. Spending cheaper cost on it you could get the best features facilitated in the high end models.


  • Inexpensive wireless presenter
  • Supports different OS
  • Bright red pointer
  • Hassle free setup

Kensington Wireless Presenter

As already well known, Kensington is most famous and reputed brand for office peripherals with quality and standard features. This wireless presenter is the most chosen model because of the brand and its quality. When it comes to choosing Kensington people don’t have any doubts or dilemma as they blindly trust the brand.


  • Compact in size
  • Sleek design
  • Internal USB storage
  • Independent buttons
  • Limited buttons

Logitech R800 Wireless Presenter

The name Logitech is enough to attract the customers because it is a famous brand for computer and office peripherals and devices. The number of customers for this brand is considerable because of the quality features in each devices of Logitech. R800 wireless presenter from Logitech is unique and most preferred model and gives tough competition to the brother model R400.


  • Green laser
  • Signal range is 100+ feet
  • LCD display with timer

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

The main difference between R800 and R400 wireless presenter is LCD display. There is no LCD display in R400 wireless presenter and also it is few ounces light weight comparing to R800 model. Raking in no1 in the list of top selling wireless presenters, it is cheaper than Logitech R800 model. It is all-black plastic construction with shining buttons that are easy to operate. The case of the wireless presenter is rubber coated hence it gives solid feeling to operate and the user will not feel it slippery from hold.


  • Durable
  • Excellent
  • Extended battery life
  • Long range
  • Setup not required


List of top selling wireless presenters have been reviewed above so it will be easy for you to identify the best model that suits your budget and the expected features. Compare the above given 10 different models so that you can sort out the model that fits your choice. You may expect to have wireless presenter with standard features for low cost or you may be ready to buy the best model with attractive features with high cost. It is advised to choose the wireless presenter according to the features and not according to the cost of the device. The features, comfort and the purpose are the most important factors to be considered.

The Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs for Professionals

Videography is the most entertaining and enjoyable art which is most popular among the people. Most of the people prefer engaging their career with the videography for so many reasons. Whenever such interested videographers are searching for the perfect media channels of the social media sites, you can go to the Youtube that is suitable to develop the content. A lot of professionals in the web marketing industry are using the videography in order to develop their advertisements and also the portfolio.

Significant considerations of DLSR shoulder rigs:

  • The first important thing to be considered is the quality of your digital DLRSK camera and then its accessories quality.
  • For instance, DLSR shoulder rigs are the most crucial accessories which will help improving the overall performance of the professionals.
  • Such DLSR shoulder rigs are definitely the most innovative pieces of the equipment which secure the cameras which are in use.
  • Some of the people who don’t know the actual benefit of such shoulder rigs may think that it is the unnecessary expenditure. But it is absolutely the wrong though because it is beneficial in many ways.
  • Don’t hesitate to buy the new model of DSLR shoulder rigs even you have the shaky hands because they have anti-shock and sturdy designs which stabilize your camera well. By this way, you can surely shoot the flicker free and smooth videos every time.

The top 5 DLSR shoulder rigs

Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR shoulder rig with the follow focus matte box

  • It includes the foam padded handles for easily carrying this shoulder rig while taking the videos.
  • Comfortable shoulder pad is another considerable advantage of this Fancierstudio model rig.
  • At the same time, it has the lightweight aluminum frame and easy to configure & use design which you never ever find in any other models.
  • This rig as well as accommodates the most digital cameras in order to provide the portable/compact design to the users.

ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR shoulder rig

  • This DSLR rig has durable frame and components along with the flexible padded handles for your easy usage. Thus, the manufacturer will provide one year full warranty to the buyers.
  • It accommodates the view finders and lenses along with the focus knobs to make everything simpler to the users.
  • Some other advanced options included in this shoulder rig will be ¼ inch universal thread, supports to the many shooting styles and also lightweight frame.

Neewer portable film maker system

  • This Neewer portable shoulder rig is also known as the best film maker system including ¼ inch universal mount which supports both the camcorders and cameras.
  • It is the best customizable system to fit on the lens and some other add-on accessories with the most considerable features such as lightweight aluminum frame, two padded/non-slip handles and also the most comfortable shoulder pad.

Morros DLSR shoulder rig movie kit

  • This rig has the durable stainless steel and aluminum design with the industrial standard rod mount of 15 mm length.
  • Soft/non-slip grips comfortable handles, 14 inch thread tripods, comfortable shoulder pads, adjustable slide mount, repeatable focus movements and fitting to the various types of lenses are some of the considerable benefits of this DLSR shoulder mounted rig.

Neewer foldable DSLR shoulder rig

  • It is the versatile ¼ inch rising adapter in order to provide the best support to the microphones and cameras.
  • This foldable shoulder rig includes the transformable and flexible design with the easy to set up & use feature.
  • At the same time, this model of the Neewer rig has the non-slip handgrips, stable double-handled design along with the extendable rear arm.

Other top rated shoulder rigs

 Neewer DSLR shoulder support rig

  • This DSLR shoulder rig includes the most customizable design or design for providing the best support to the most of the cameras and DV camcorders.
  • It has the durable heavy duty aluminum frame along with the two rubberized handles which are non-slip ones.
  • The users can able to get the best shoulder support because of the padded shoulder support and advanced shoulder lift set.
  • It only has the lightweight construction so you don’t need to worry about its weight.

Movo photo SG100 video shoulder rig 

  • As it contains the lightweight and compact design, it is the most suitable choice of shoulder rig for the various videographic professionals.
  • Padded handle, heavy duty aluminum frame, padded shoulder and handle pad are some of the advanced features given by this device.
  • The users can also get the best support from the SGW-5 counterweight, and FFA-2 15mm rail system and easy to maneuver options.

Imorden IR-02 camera shoulder mount rig

  • Imorden model of the IR-02 camera rig actually has the universal 15mm rail system along with the ¼ inches universal camera adapter.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame will provide the stronger enough design to this device.
  • Foam soften shoulder pad, well balanced/sturdy design, strong gripped handles, sturdy tripod mount of ¼ inches and lightweight are some of the most significant features of this DSLR shoulder rig.

Sunrise DSM-802 DSLR rig with shoulder pad and stabilizer

  • This shoulder support rig from the sunrise brand includes 9 inches five support rods along with the non-slip comfortable handle.
  • When you are looking for some other benefits of this sunrise DSLR rig, it includes the heavy duty aluminum frame, removable counterweight, universal mount, durable CNC parts, height adjustable base plate, easy to maneuver, quick release technology and etc.

Neewer C-Shape 15mm shoulder mount rig

  • Whenever the buyers are searching for the cost effective shoulder mount rig, it is really the best choice of C-shape shoulder mount rig from the Neewer brand.
  • This rig actually is the 15mm universal system having the well balanced and sturdy design along with the versatile mounts and durable aluminum alloy frame.
  • It also includes comfortable C-shaped design and non-slip rubberized handle for your easy use.

Wireless Keyboard – Buying Guide, Reviews and Opinions

Having a wireless keyboard is the best way to get rid of the cables that are normally on the desktop computer, which end up becoming entangled and causing discomfort. But before buying one you have to take into account certain basic features, connectivity is one of them, we recommend Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. Besides the design is important, it is necessary to look at the type of keys and the language of the keyboard, as well as the external appearance. Researching the Internet, we have found that among so many models, two stand out: the first is the iClever IC-BK01, a compact Bluetooth-enabled keyboard with a 10-meter range that looks stylish. Secondly, we have the Rii K12 Mini that besides having a touch panel on the side that works as a laptop, also has two connection options: through WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is the best wireless keyboard on the market?

Wireless keyboards were first devised in the 1980s, however, this technology did not have much boom then. They are currently in popular use, thanks to its functional design and the widespread use of Bluetooth technology.

Even for stationary computers, the idea of an orderly, cable-free desk is very attractive, and fewer cables that entangle each other means less risk of electric fire. If you are thinking of buying one, we recommend you read this guide to buy the best wireless keyboard, where you will find the essential characteristics that you must keep in mind to make a good investment.

Buying Guide


If you want to know which wireless keyboard is better, first we recommend that it has an ergonomic design to reduce tension and maximize your comfort. This is how some cordless keyboards feature a slightly curved shape and a padded or raised palmrest to enhance the natural posture of your wrists, and others feature rows of raised keys for better range or split spacing for greater efficiency in writing.

Another recommendation, in terms of design, is a wireless keyboard with touchpad, which will avoid having to buy a mouse. In addition to saving money, it also means fewer devices to operate or maintain, in this way, you will operate the keyboard more efficiently, as if you had the mouse connected.

Finally, it is also advisable that the keyboard be backlit, which allows you to easily find the keys, even if you have to operate it in the dark.


Most wireless keyboards operate under Bluetooth technology. Usually, the keyboard includes a USB connector that connects to the computer, this connector receives and sends signals to a Bluetooth chip inside the keyboard, achieving communication between keyboard and computer, without cables.

In addition, through Bluetooth technology, you can also use the wireless keyboard for iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. We recommend checking the specifications included, before deciding to buy a cheap wireless keyboard, and confirm the distance to which this device should remain to obtain the best signal.


These keyboards usually have special features that are not found on the original keyboard of the computer, and the performance and functionality of each one, well worth the cost of a wireless keyboard. In this sense, you can enjoy using it while lying on a chair or sofa, or take it with you on the road, without cables that entangle.

In a comparison of wireless keyboards you will find that power and range vary from model to model. Some keyboards can work through the walls, while others need to be in the same room where your workstation is, in order to operate properly. The further away from the workstation the keyboard will be, the more interference it will suffer, but since no cables are required, you can use the keyboard anywhere within its range, which is usually at least 10 meters.

Key type

Wireless keyboards, like those that are not, have hot keys and multimedia keys, which allow you to choose a function or access frequently used programs with the touch of a button.

Hotkeys are used to supplement system tasks such as opening a specific program, connecting to the Internet, or placing the computer in standby mode. The multimedia keys are more focused on the control of applications, they are especially useful to order music or videos in your computer and to control the volume in the reproduction of them, as well as for those who like to play in their systems and need to minimize the time controlling effectively the multimedia output.

These buttons, which can conveniently be programmed, prove to be very useful. Make sure that the wireless keyboard you choose has several programmable buttons and that these are easily programmable and manageable.

Power supply

Standard wireless keyboards, which do not work with Bluetooth technology, usually work by batteries, which is a disadvantage for those who live clinging to a computer, for work or entertainment, as they would have to change batteries frequently.

In these cases it is recommended a wireless keyboard with solar energy, without cables or batteries, because it harnesses the power of the sun to function. They have the ability to store enough energy to run at night or on cloudy days, and can last up to three months without recharging.

When you decide to purchase a new wireless keyboard, do not forget to consider the features of design, connectivity and scope that we have mentioned here.

What is the best wireless keyboard of 2017?

Being able to use your computer, Smart TV or tablet using the best wireless keyboard will give you a lot of comfort, for example, you can surf your smart TV while listening to music from your sofa or writing more comfortably on your tablet.

Here are some options among which are the best wireless keyboards of 2017:

iClever IC-BK01

This keyboard besides having the advantage of being wireless, is totally light and therefore you can mobilize it with practicality, it weighs almost nothing, since it is a very light keyboard of only 141 grams.

Main disadvantage

This equipment works with batteries for being wireless, so it is recommended to buy batteries that are rechargeable so you do not have to spend money every time they run out.

It is a compact and light keyboard that has a fairly simple and modern design, as well as providing ergonomics to the user as it provides comfort when using it.


Compatibility and design

It is important that when choosing a wireless keyboard we look at whether this is fully compatible with the operating system that we handle on our computer and although most of them are compatible with the most popular models, it is worth noticing about it.

The iClever IC-BK01 is compatible with three different systems, such as the popular Windows, in addition to being compatible with the iOS and Android system, allowing you to enjoy a versatile keyboard, so you will have no problem if you have some of the systems which we mentioned earlier.

As for the design of the equipment has simple and modern finishes, besides having keys comfortable enough and considerable size for those people who usually have very large fingers, so it will be very comfortable working with it.

Comfort and durability

As mentioned before this keyboard has keys that are strategically arranged so that you can use it comfortably, but in addition to this you can type quickly and quietly, as it has shortcut keys to different functions of the computer, for which will save you time by using them.

The equipment is durable since it has a texture that is covered by aluminum alloy which promises long life of the device, being made of a material of long duration.

In addition, this device has a Bluetooth connectivity module, with a range of approximately 10 meters, so you can enjoy this function if you want, whenever you require.


This keyboard being completely wireless gives convenience to customers, since you can move it wherever you go, you just make sure to take batteries so you can use it, you can take it with you even on travel, it is also a device that does not occupy a lot of space since it has dimensions of: 29.2 x 13 x 6 centimeters, making its location and storage is very simple to do, and you can comfortably rest it on your legs if you wish.

On the other hand, it is one of the lighter equipment, compared to other models of wireless keyboards and in addition to other models of traditional keyboards, because it weighs only 141 grams, thus being one of the lightest models on the market, this is why it is one of the products most positively commented by users.

Rii K12 miniToday having wireless keyboards is key to managing your mobile, tablet or Smart TV products. With the Rii K12 Mini model you have all the control capability you need, thanks to an extended keyboard and side touchpad, which works the same way as the present on laptops.

Thanks to its connectivity can operate with all types of equipment in a simple way. Its battery of 450 milliamperes and its reduced consumption help you to be able to use it of prolonged form for a long time without needing to recharge. And when necessary it is enough to use the included USB port and the connection cable, being in few hours again ready to operate.

Being a durable product guarantees a long life, while its comfortable and functional design with a very tight weight, helps you to have it close to you without it becoming a nuisance.


Mouse area: The mouse area, despite its adjusted size, offers an area sufficient to move the mouse in a simple way, also supporting the operation by gestures on the surface of the Pad.

Wifi or Bluetooth: the keyboard can be connected via Wifi or Bluetooth according to your preferences, facilitating the connection to any computer in a simple way.

Full keyboard: A full Spanish keyboard is available, including the Ñ, with additional function keys for more control functions.


Connectivity to Smart TV: Some users mention connectivity issues with some Smart TV models.

Key size: because of its compact nature the size of the keys is even lower than that of other keyboards of this type, so the accuracy of the touch is more necessary than ever.

Logitech K400

The best wireless keyboardsThe Logitech K400 is a strong candidate to be the best quality wireless keyboard price. You can use it to control your laptop when you have it connected to the TV and you want to listen to music or put a movie directly from your sofa. It has up to 10 meters range.

This keyboard has a very easy to use touchpad to navigate both for online content and to search for things on your computer. You will not need to have a mouse. Writing emails, reading your favorite blogs, watching movies, listening to music, and endless other activities will be possible without sitting in front of the computer.

You can even chat from the bed. Its wireless technology allows for fast data transmission. It has been designed to take up little space, to write without hardly making noise and with great ease of use.

To make your choice as successful as possible, we present the pros and cons of the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with touchpad.


Integrated touchpad: In addition to working as a keyboard, it has an integrated touchpad, so you should not use an external mouse when handling your electronic devices.

Scope: You can get away enough from your devices without having to worry about reception, as this keyboard has a range of up to 10 meters away.

Compatibility: It supports a variety of operating systems, but can also be connected to various electronic devices, such as PC, Tablets, Televisions, etc.

Quick access: It has several quick access buttons, to facilitate the execution of various tasks, such as changing the volume, play or stop, among others.

Design: It has an elegant and light design, so you can hold it on your lap or lap without problems. In addition the keys are quiet so as not to tire your hands and provide comfort.

Logitech MK270

This keyboard offers you the convenience of working with your computer wirelessly and on the other hand offers the reliable connection of a traditional wired keyboard. The receiver of the signal is tiny so you can place it anywhere. Both the mouse and the keyboard have been designed to be moved from one place to another with ease.

Thanks to its eight quick access buttons, you can perform actions such as go to your favorite web pages, increase or decrease the volume, play / pause, go to email, among others.

We know that the budget is a very important element when choosing a product or another, so, know the pros and cons of this option, cataloged by users as the best wireless keyboard for 25 euros.


Integrated mouse: It has an integrated mouse, so you will be acquiring two accessories for the price of one. This mouse connects just like the keyboard and will help you perform different control tasks with your computer.

Durability: They are equipped with powerful batteries, whose durability is estimated after one year, depending on the degree of utility that the devices receive.

Range: Allows you to manage your equipment from a long distance, which can reach 10 meters.

Access buttons: This keyboard includes eight quick access buttons, which facilitate the execution of various tasks in one step and reduce the time of use.

Lightweight: It is a very lightweight device, which only weighs 100 grams, so you can take it from one place to another in total comfort.

Logitech MK220

This option is also a pack of wireless keyboard and mouse. What will you get if you buy this product? For one, you will save space as it is a keyboard 36% smaller than a normal one but containing all the necessary keys.

Additionally, you will gain in freedom of movement. The Logitech MK220 will allow you to control your computer up to 10 meters away either for work or just while enjoying audiovisual content or games on your computer. As for security uses 128-bit AES encryption, one of the best on the market, to protect the information you transmit.

It works on batteries but lasts approximately 24 months so it will not represent a maintenance cost that is not compensated enough with the wireless keyboard utility.

This option has been considered by users as the best brand of wireless keyboards, so we include here the pros and cons for you to consider when choosing.


Compact design: This is a compact design that you can easily handle on the sofa, in bed, or on the table, as it weighs only 100 grams.

Durability: It has batteries of great durability, so you do not have to replace them in a short time, since they have an estimated duration in two years.

Silent: It is a silent keyboard when pressing the different keys that make it up, so you can work without disturbing those around you.

Compatibility: It supports a large number of devices and with several versions of Windows operating system.

Mobility: With this keyboard, you will have a good level of movement, since you can move away from the receiving device up to 10 meters.


Small intro: For some users the intro key is a bit small, but this is more a matter of taste.

Indicator: Other users feel it should include an indicator to know when the shift key is on.

Memteq I8 Keyboard


When looking for some option among the best cheap wireless keyboards comes this model, which stands out especially for its small size that makes it suitable for travel or when you usually go to play at your friends’ house.

You can use it to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. From the sofa, the bed, or directly at your work table you can perform the tasks you usually do with a keyboard.

Works with both Windows, Linux and Android. On the other hand, compared to the previous keyboards mentioned we note that some of the users of this keyboard indicate that the touchpad is not sensitive so it is sometimes difficult to control the movement of the cursor that such and such we require.

Not suitable for those who have difficulty using small keys.

To complete this selection, we present you one of the cheapest wireless keyboards on the market, in case you are looking for a very economical product. These are the pros and cons of the Memteq I8 Keyboard.


Compact: It is a keyboard with a compact design, ideal for traveling, as it is lightweight and only weighs 200 grams.

Compatibility: The device is compatible with various wireless devices such as tablets, televisions, computers, etc., and can work correctly with several versions of Windows and Linux.

Sleep function: It has a special function, which deactivates the keyboard after an unused period of time, as a way to save energy.

Touchpad: Includes a touchpad, which prevents you from using an additional mouse to control and work on your devices.

Indicators: It has its respective indicators, which alert to the status of the battery and the wireless connection.


Sensitive: Some users claim that it is a keyboard that is very sensitive to drops and bumps, so it should be used with caution.

iClever IC-BK01

Writing to your tablet or mobile phone can be very annoying, especially if your fingers are large or the screen is small. In order to work more comfortably, wireless keyboards are an excellent solution. And if they also have a compact and sturdy design like the iClever IC-BK01 better.

This keyboard, with an approximate weight of about 300 grams, has an elegant design in silver tones, which is also very resistant.

It is very easy to configure and install so you can use it to write on virtually any mobile or tablet, being compatible with Windows, Android or iOS systems. The keyboard offers pleasant sensations of use, with a firm and resistant touch and an adequate response to the pulsations through a system of membranes.

Bluetooth connectivity allows us to use it even at distances of up to 10 meters without losing the quality of the signal.


Full keyboard and Spanish: this complete keyboard includes a Spanish keyboard integrated, having the Ñ and incorporating the function keys to expand the options of use and configuration.

Lightweight: with a weight that barely reaches 200 grams, this keyboard is one of the lightest and most manageable on the market.

Long service life: the manufacturer guarantees more than 3 million keystrokes for this keyboard, which means a long and long service life.


Dongle: Although this model works via Bluetooth connectivity, it does not incorporate the connection dongle, which you must purchase separately if the computer to connect does not have it included among its options.

Batteries: works with traditional batteries, which you need to use rechargeable models in order not to exceed the expense of keyboard consumables, given the type of connectivity that employs.

Andoer Rii C 1818-P

Another candidate for the title of best wireless keyboard is this model designed for use with Android but can also be used with a computer.

Considered the world’s thinnest wireless keyboard with 2.4GHz, it is ideal for those who use a lot of their Android device to handle applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, to surf, in general for those activities that require a lot of typing and do it in a screen using a Qwerty keyboard can be uncomfortable.

Your touchpad (mouse replacement) is on the right so you’ll handle it just as if you had the mouse connected but with more agility. You can direct your device up to 10 meters away. It does not require any installation or special configuration, just connect it to the wireless receiver to start it.

In addition, the design of the wireless keyboard is elegant, so it will also make your device stand out when you use it.

In case you continue without deciding which wireless keyboard to buy, this option may help you decide, so we invite you to read their respective pros and cons.


Touchpad: The keyboard includes a touchpad, ideal for getting rid of the use of the mouse separately. It can also be used with one or two fingers and is wide enough for comfort.

Direct access: It has a series of buttons with direct access to various tasks, in order to optimize the use of the keyboard.

Range: You can use it with great freedom, since its wireless signal is perceived up to 10 meters distance between the transmitter and the receiver.

Switch: To achieve a better use of energy, this device has an on / off switch, ideal for the lapses in which you stop using it.

Compatibility: It supports various devices such as TV, PS3, PC, etc. It also works well with Windows, Android and Linux operating systems.


English: Some users explain that the keyboard is in English language, which makes it difficult to identify or locate certain features in Spanish.

How to Use a Wireless Keyboard

Today we can get rid of the limitations that keyboards provide us with cables and have a little more freedom of movement when using a computer through a wireless keyboard. But what if we could not use it? Well there is nothing to worry about below we offer some suggestions that will allow you to use a wireless keyboard.

Never use your wireless keyboard without knowing how it works

The first thing to do before using your wireless keyboard for the first time is to read all the instructions in detail to avoid any inconvenience that may affect the proper operation of the same, an important point to check is the type of batteries used and their distance coverage.

I want to start using my wireless keyboard and I do not know how to start

This is a very simple process. All wireless keyboards are accompanied by a small receiver that connects between the computer and the keyboard. This small receiver connects to the USB port of the computer. Once the receiver is connected you can start using the wireless keyboard since the computer must identify it automatically.

Work with your wireless keyboard remotely from your computer

In this case there is no problem, since some of the advantages offered by most wireless keyboards is that they can operate with a range up to 10 meters from the computer and from anywhere. But in case you have a wireless keyboard with infrared keys or radio frequency your range will be much lower.

Remember that while distance may be important do not ever abuse your vision, some people go away a lot and then have difficulty seeing the screen, everything should be proportional to the need to work.

Type of keyboard

Wireless keyboards have the same keys as the other keyboards with cables so you can choose a function or access the programs. They can also have additional keys such as: quick access that are used exclusively to open programs, put the computer into standby or connect to the internet. And the multimedia keys to control the music or videos on your computer, among other things.

In this case when buying a wireless keyboard consider the same attentions as with a conventional keyboard, which is the size you are looking for, the language you need and ergonomic.

Wireless Keyboard Batteries

Wireless keyboards have batteries that are durable enough to withstand long working hours, but it is always important to evaluate the characteristics of each manufacturer. Some wireless devices are charged when connected to the computer’s USB port. There are also other wireless keyboards that charge through the sunlight, but they are few.

Wireless keyboard shape

The ergonomic shape offered by many wireless keyboards is generally designed for ease of operation, since they reduce strain and maximize your comfort. Other wireless keyboards also offer you comfort by its crescent shape and padded palm rest to favor the natural posture of your wrists.

Wireless keyboards may be compatible in some cases, other functions that wireless keyboards allow as their use is compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows, OS and Android.

Radio alarm clock – Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although they sound like something old, the alarm clocks have evolved into products that can even be used as an MP3 player, as a charger for your iPhone and as a manager of your first awakening. Although it is true that to have these functions will be necessary to bet on quality models, which have the just functions that you need to have on your table. It’s just what the Sony ICF-C1PJ model has, which has a USB port for your mobile phone or to play files, a wall projection system and 10 presets, along with sounds of nature for your awakening. A complete product that has become the favorite of consumers. Also attractive is the Audiosonic CL-1492 model, which offers a very useful system with double alarm, perfect for couples. It also has a projection system and has SLEEP function and calendar.

What is the best alarm clock on the market?

Although the basic function of a clock radio is to be able to wake up at a certain time, it also has a variety of functions available that make it difficult to make a choice. With this guide to buy the best radio alarm we want to help you make the best decision so that you get the best benefit from your investment.

Shopping guide


To choose which radio alarm clock is best and best suited to your own needs, it is necessary to take into account its design, since it will be the first thing you look at every time you wake up. There are models available with different sizes, colors and styles, and you can even have alarm radios in the form of famous characters or cartoons, which is especially convenient for the little ones in the house.

You can also prefer models that have different alarm sounds or that are automatically deactivated during weekends, although some special features will influence how much a clock radio costs. Among the many advantages you will find in having a clock radio alarm is that you can also use it as an audio source in your room, so it is advisable that you consider purchasing a digital alarm clock radio with built-in MP3 and CD player or iPod connectivity, so that You can enjoy listening to your favorite music, be it before you fall asleep, when you wake up or during your free time.

The higher priced models also have better sound quality and automatic volume adjustment when the alarm is activated.

Sound options

The sound quality of a clock radio is determined by the output power and the number of speakers. Usually a radio alarm has 1 or 2 speakers with a power of 1 to 3 watts each. Models that include CD, MP3 or iPod connectivity regularly offer better sound quality.

A recommended option is to buy a cheap alarm clock radio that includes a CD or MP3 player, so you can wake up to the sound of your favorite music instead of the radio stations. You can also prefer that it allows you to dock your iPod.

Among other sound options, some models have dual alarms that offer you to configure at the same time 2 different alarms, ideal for couples who have to get up at different times. Other models offer progressive volume alarm that gives you a soft sound that increases to a predetermined level, which prevents you from waking up suddenly or with a start.


The screen of a clock radio clock allows you to see, in addition to the time, the different functions of the device therefore, it depends on your taste and personal need, to choose that it is large and bright enough to do it comfortably.

It is usually a digital screen with LED technology usually with green or red light. Some screens have a light intensity controller, adjustable to various intensities, automatic attenuators that activate depending on the surrounding light, or total shutdown of the screen, which is turned on at the touch of a button for a few seconds and It turns off again, which is very useful at night.

Other features

There are other features that you can evaluate and choose, based on your own tastes and needs, when comparing available alarm radios, such as reserve power, memory to store your favorite radio stations, remote control and timer.

Backup power ensures that the clock and alarm programming is not lost when a power failure occurs, so you can always reach your commitments on time.

Most models have memory to store 10 to 20 preset radio stations, so you can quickly reach your favorite stations without having to search manually. A few others have remote control to control functions remotely. Many others have an automatic shutdown timer of up to 1 hour, so you can sleep listening to your favorite music.

Because it is important to be informed before making a decision, in this purchase guide we have simplified the essential design, sound and screen features, which you should consider when buying a radio alarm clock. Be sure to check this or other products before making any purchase.

What is the best alarm clock radio of 2021?

Have you ever been late for work because you did not hear the alarm clock? Did you forget to activate the mobile alarm clock and did not arrive on time for that important date? It’s time for you to decide and buy one of the best alarm radios 2021.

How to use a clock radio

This everyday implement is as useful as it is hateful. Not even the alarms of smartphones and other digital devices have been able to banish the “cock of the cock” of the old radio alarm clock. Young people may consider it extemporaneous, but it is not even that way: they see it as a “vintage” object, which fulfills its function of awakening us.


There is a variety of this product on the market designed to awaken us in a timely manner. Most of them are electric and some work only with batteries, but there are also dual models that accept both energy sources: batteries and electricity (even working, when the light goes out).


The simplest ones present the shape of a small rectangle of conveniently light weight, so much so that you can carry it in your carry-on luggage, although it is possible to get some “traveler” model, with particularly tiny dimensions and weight.

A very popular design, for some decades, has been the geometric shape of a perfect “cube”, with a colorful LED display, which facilitates readability of the time in the dark and also ensures visibility during waking hours.

All models have a tuner radio stations in modulated amplitude (AM) and frequency modulation (FM), for the user to tune the programming of your preference (the most advanced models have a “memory” that allows programming a menu of several stations with “one touch”, as was done with the radio receivers of vehicles, now in digital mode).

Radio alarm clock for children

Even the children’s and youth market segment has specific designs, displaying extremely colorful and modern colors, which replicate movies, television series and / or comic book characters.

Radio alarm clock for the elderly

The user of the third age has also been taken into account in these alarm radios that privilege the absolute visibility of the time -and date- in screens of great resolution and size that show figures of enormous size. In correspondence with all this, its operation and programming has been simplified to the extreme with large commands and buttons.

“Multi-user” alarm clock

Certain brands offer clock radios that are “multi-user” (specially designed for couples), so that everyone can set their own alarm time and decide if they want to wake up with some radial “tuning” or if they prefer the alarm sound more traditional.

Supplementary functions

Another habitual service is the reiteration of the alarm, with a programmable lapse, for all those who ignore the first call of the “touch of diana”.

More sophisticated models “project” the time on the bedroom ceiling, giving the user the possibility to choose the size, color and degree of luminescence, in addition to the diversity of alarm “tones” (such as the ring-tones of our telephones) and their respective levels of sound and temporary intermittence that obliges us, thanks to its recalcitrant nature, to jump out of bed in order to turn them off. Thus, this product has fully complied with its ungrateful mission, although effective, to pull us out of the arms of Morfeo, making us face the daily routine.

The rise of mobile phones that do everything has sent many of these alarm clocks to the drawer of oblivion and to be replaced by these. However, there are many who insist on keeping this product on your table, as a decorative complement and helps your daily awakening.


Although the company was created in 1948 as a repair shop for radios and other equipment in a war-torn Japan, it would take a few years to become Sony, the company focused on image and sound. But at that time the company was going through difficult times, with products that it almost had to sell with another brand so as not to tarnish its good name and making real miracles to keep going.

However, the tenacity of the brand was such that in a short time it was made with a wide portfolio of products known to all today: the first walkman, the discman, beta and VHS videos or the Playstation consoles are an example of the result of their effort .

Among these products we also find alarm radios, which have an additional point of technology that places them ahead of other products on the market. Among them we find products with Wifi connectivity to offer additional functions or those that allow automatic updating via radio, so you never arrive late.


When Philips was founded, at the end of the 19th century, one of its first products to develop was radios. Product that also served both to get known and to open one of its lines of work in the world of image and sound. So we only needed to add the clock to have the complete product.

Something that seeing the extensive experience of the brand in everything that has to do with consumer electronics would not be long in coming, but that would not stay in that either. And is that just as Philips has blunted with other products for their technology, the radio alarm models were not going to be less. That’s why they incorporate the latest advances, such as ports and docks to connect them directly to your iPhone and use them as a charger as well as to play your favorite music.

Or with bluetooth system to connect any other device. And all this while preserving the traditional design of the 1955 models but with all the technology of the 21st century. A different experience that gives an elegant touch to your bedside table


The Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, in Spanish Compañía General de Electricidad, is the German company that we know by abbreviating as AEG. This German company was founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau who, among other things, acquired the patents of Thomas Edison and began to manufacture his products for the German market.

In these times, in addition to the inventions of the American genius, the company manufactures different electrical products such as teapots, heaters or irons, in addition to having a wide range of industrial products. After the war and despite its extensive involvement with the Hitler government, the company was able to recompose itself by maintaining its operations and turning them into operations of all kinds such as electricity generation.

However, since the 70s the problems began to accumulate for the company, with several failed projects, a decline in sales and the famous Asian crisis, which ended up taking AEG to bankruptcy and its assets falling into the hands of Electrolux, who continues today making its products.

Among them we find the clock radios, which maintain a remarkable current technological influence but retaining much of its retro aesthetic of yesteryear.

What are the best USB Fans for Mobile?

Some people have little tolerance to heat and preferring much more cold climates there are a lot of people who suffer when summer comes. The USB fans for mobile have been created as a tool to generate air to the user and refresh a bit about the impending vapor inherent to that time of year. In addition, they help the processor to work in a better way and make sure that your mobile will not be unexpectedly damaged by an excess of effort doing some task in low temperatures.

This article is created to explain some peculiarities that you should take into account if you want to acquire a good USB fan for mobile.

Initially, size and lightness are factors that can not be subjected to chance. Depending on the use you want to give, your requirements are completely different and may vary. Just as the size can not be excessive, its weight has to be moderate; this will help you move it more easily.

In the same way, you should consider the level of compatibility when connecting the fan with your devices, so that it can be detected easily and by various operating systems.

On the other hand, the materials of manufacture will give you an idea about the quality of the USB fan for mobile, as well as its durability for a longer period of time.

Then, based on the comparison made by users, you can read the review we design and write for you. You can observe the characteristics of each of the USB fans for mobile mentioned in the following part and select the option of your preference.

Bigmeda Mofan062703

Because of its ease of installation, this mobile USB fan has been positioned as a beneficial option to meet your needs and fulfill the required functions, such as ventilate the mobile phone processor and improve its performance. For the operation of Bigmeda, no alternate electric currents are needed, nor previously install any application.

The product is completely plug and play, which means that once the device is introduced to the mobile, it starts to work and can be used quickly. This saves the user installation time and helps him to enjoy the purchased product much more efficiently.

On the other hand, Bigmeda weighs only 18 grams. This feature makes it extremely easy to transport, since it is quite light and coupled with small dimensions, it fits easily in any pocket or bag.

Also, it is a completely silent product and while it works, it does not cause inconveniences to the users, corresponding to the generated noise. It is compatible with various versions of Android and iOS, so if you have a mobile with one of these systems you can take advantage of its benefits.
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CSL-Computer A45819x60

A compact design and good manufacturing materials are the main characteristic of CSL-Computer. Likewise, it can be placed in any space and easily moved.

Its silicone manufacturing materials completely guarantee that the use of the USB fan for mobile generates enough air, being especially used in the summer and on those hot days in which the user needs to cool down at all costs.

In addition, it is compatible with a large number of mobile phones with Android systems, iOs, tablets, power Banks and other devices that use USB inputs, and with a USB 1.1 or 3.0 connection, it will be easy to use and start its operation.

Unlike the previous model, to use this USB fan for mobile, it must have the OTG function and in case of not having this function, CSL-Computer can not be used.
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Westeng C144351AAO7T101

Westeng has been one of the most widely received products by users; Each of its characteristics make it a special and suitable option to cover your needs for fresh air. For its part, this model does not consume too much battery and can be used for days, without just presenting failures or warn that their energy levels have dropped.

It is also a mobile USB fan of the Android operating system completely silent and fulfills all its functions without generating annoying noises or interrupting the user in any of their daily activities.

On the other hand, Westeng also uses a plug and play technology that allows fast operation and eliminates tedious processes such as installing applications, requesting a factory requirement or making changes to the mobile phone; just install the USB mobile phone fan on the device and you can immediately feel the fresh air it generates.