Top 10 Best Onion Choppers

Onion Chopper is a cutting tool used in kitchen for cutting vegetables like onion, potato, tomato etc. The peoples are live in their busy life, in this life they have no time for cutting the vegetables in the traditional way. So they need some machines or tools to make the process of cooking and cutting the vegetable in an easy manner. For those peoples these onion choppers are the god’s gift. There are many onion choppers and food choppers are available in the market at today. Those choppers have different quality, size, price and features etc. The following 10 choppers are the finest onion choppers in 2017.

1. Vidalia Chop Wizard:

It provides two ultra sharp stainless steel blades with container. Those blades are cut the vegetables, fruits and cheese extremely fast. By using this tool you can cut your vegetables in different shapes like dice, longer sticks and smaller sticks etc. This must be helps you to prepare your meal within few minutes. In this chopper never cuts your hand because your hand never touch the blade, in this you are cutting the vegetables by clicking the button. If you buying this product then it will come with the handy lit cleaning tool for easily clean this chopper.

2. Freshware KT-402 3-in-1

The Freshware KT-402 three in one is mainly used to reduce the onion vapors. If you cut the onion by using this tool then it never hurts your eyes and it will never make you to cry again. By using this you must feel the chopping will never a complex task for you because it has three sharp interchangeable stainless steel blades for slicing and dicing the vegetables. It occupies only small space in your kitchen and it is portable for you and you can take this anywhere for cutting purpose.

3. Black & Decker HC306 1-1/2-Cup One-Touch Electric Chopper, White:

This is a food chopper, it perfectly chop, mince and dice the vegetables because it has Bi-level curved blade. By using this chopper you cut more amount of vegetables at the time, it has a large size container to contain the vegetables after cutting process. You can easily operate this tool by clicking a button because a large one touch button is placed on this tool. It was look like a small size grinder in white color. It provides security for the users and its all parts are removable.

4. Prepworks from Progressive International GOC-310 Onion Chopper:

It is a progressive international product and it was specially made for cutting the onions. By using this tool you can cut the onions in perfect shape and it it reduce onion vapors to avoid the teary eyes. It operates on swift motion that means suddenly or rapid process. It has a plastic cap for close the container and also has the sharp blades. It is a cheap and best product to make a smart kitchen, when the kitchen contains this tool then you no need to feel for anything.

5. Chef’n Veggie Chop Hand-Powered Food Chopper, Arugula:

It is a hand powered food chopper, it do not want the electricity power to operate. People can easily operate it without current or electricity power, by rotating the top of this chopper you can cut the vegetables inside the glass container. It is a small and potable so you can take this to anywhere at any time. On trip or camping times it will be helpful for you. It contains two shaper blades in its container for cut the vegetables and fruits in a perfect manner. By using this you can cut the vegetables in securely.

6. Vegetables Chef-Onion, Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese Chopper:

This chopper also has three sharper blades with one small size container. It does it work very quickly and perfectly within the particular time limit. If you want to cut the onion first you should place that on the blade then push the onion by using the top portion of the chopper. Finally the onion was cuts in to small dices or pieces. But its blade size is very small like a cute small square sized blade.

7. OXO Good Grips Mini Chopper:

It is a best and great tool for chopping the vegetables, garlic, nuts and etc. It preserves easy chopping techniques and easy storage also. An interesting matter is it has selling for a very cheap price. Its special feature is, it contains the removable blades that are useful for make easy to clean. It is a cute chopper because it looks like a small white box.

8. Prepworks from Progressive International GPC – 4000 Fruit and Vegetable Chopper:

This colorful handed food chopper is an international product. It is used to cut all things like fruit, onion, cheese and chocolate etc. Its feature is the build in side blades, that blades are reduce the need of precutting the vegetables. By using this chopper you don’t need to use the cutting boards and knives at all.

9. Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Food Chopper:

The main feature of this chopper is 1-1/2 cup bowl which its base is stable. It must be save your time in the process of preparing food or meals. The cleaning job is very easy because the stainless steel blades are removable. At the time of vegetable cutting, it will be safe and secure for the users. The inside of the container in this chopper has allows more amount of vegetables. For control purpose the pulse functions are used in it.


10. Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper:

This three cup food chopper is a high quality food chopper with good price. It consumes only 150 watts of power and its cut, mince the vegetables easily within a seconds. There are more parts are removable so washing and cleaning process are performed in an easy and perfect manner. It has a glass container with black colored cap and it has the low and high pulse button for choose the operation range. It is according to the peoples or users need to choose the power based on their needs.


Top 10 Best Oil Diffusers for your Home

Ancient people don’t use any chemicals in anything. They use extracts from plants and trees as medicine for treatment. One of the ancient practices which unleash health is usage of essential oil. Essential oil is mere extract from plants so it can be also called as plant oils and it is widely used in India, China and in many other Asian countries. If you want to use essential oil for healing and to enjoy pleasant atmosphere in your ambience, use oil diffuser.

Oil diffuser is mainly used to release the oil in to air. Releasing the oil into the air will purify the air by removing allergic particles from the air. The amount of pure air inhaled by a person decides the health of the person. A person can remain healthy if he or she inhales pure air as the air enters the lungs and oxygenated blood passed all through the body keeps the person healthy. If you choose to use oil diffuser and dubious about choosing which brand diffuser, just get details of top 10 oil diffuser in 2017 here below.

1. InnoGear 100ml Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is ultrasonic model humidifier that releases aromatic cool mist. It automatically shuts off and also waterless modes. This diffuser is LED model and can be used in residence and also commercial ambience. It is efficient in terms of designs as it used power and oil accordingly. People who travel a lot can buy this model as they can use it in hotel rooms and places where they stay.

2. PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser

This model diffuser has LED lights with color changing feature. This diffuser comes with the Ionizer that removes foreign agents and allergens from the air. You can use essential oil of brand because it is designed in such a way. It can be used maximum of 250 square feet rooms. It not only ionizes but also humidifies the room to make it pleasant to smell and inhale. Does not matte about the type of odor in your home or staying place or in office cabin, you can use this diffuser to eliminate any kind of odor.

3. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser can be used continuously for 10 hours. It is mainly used to eliminate bad odors in the ambience. You can store 500ml essential oil and another advantage is that it comes with 7 LED lights. The LED light setup will relax your mood for sleeping. You will get 18 month warranty for the product. Ergonomic design with auto shut off feature.

4. URPOWER Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is wonderful mist diffuser that comes with alluring design. It comes four different timer settings which will be beneficial for you. It is also a shut off model for safety and it humidifies the air with cool mist. It is waterless model and makes your ambience may be bed room or living room or office room pleasant and odorless. The technology used in this diffuser does not heat essential oil which is major advantage.

5. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a 300ml Essential oil diffuser with ultrasonic air humidifying technology. For safety concerns auto shut off technology is used. If you want the diffuser to diffuse 6-7 hours continuously you can choose this model. As you use this model it will, it will form thick mist because of diffusing the oil for 6 hours. The soothing mist will ease your breathing and relax your mind.

6. InnoGear Oil Diffuser Wood

This diffuser has sturdy built and striking design with strong wood material. You can use this for both residential use and in your office. It unleashes cool mist and purifies the air. It cleanses the air to remove every kind of particles that causes odor. This model has two options such as light mist and heavy mist. You can use it continuously for 6 hours without any hassles since it is durable. The wooden look is amazing in this model.

 7. Calily Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is remote control model with various functions. It improves the air quality and eases the mind soon. As far design is considered, this model looks stunning with sleek finish. Cleanses air, removes odor and humidifies the air to clear allergens from the air. The changing lights looks pleasant and easy to use remote controller is best advantage. You can use any kind of essential oil unlike other models and also you can use mixture of essential oils to enjoy the mixed aroma.

8. Now Foods Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

Most of the people prefer wood grain model diffuser and this model will suit for people that like wood grain design. This diffuser has advanced designs to run in different room settings. The design of the diffuser is cool touch for the safety of kids and pets.

9. Green Air Spa Vapor+

This model is instant model with 150ml oil capacity. If you want to prefer budget model diffuser with attractive design and ultra sound technology you can go for this model. Customizable head is given to adjust it to get different level of mist. As this is instant model it humidifies and forms mist soon.

10. Housmile Essential Oil Diffusers

This is a waterless model with beautiful design and style with attractive color. It is also ultrasonic model with best humidifier set up. It has auto shut off feature for safety and it runs for around 15 hours continuously which is added advantage in the model. It forms thick mist in short time. You will find this model beneficial as it works faster.

Nature heals, protects and gives enormous benefits to the mankind. The extracts from root, stem and leaves of plants and extract from herbs are used in medicines, food stuffs, etc. Ancient therapies and treatments always remain best and still it can be used for any kind of healing. Due to advanced technologies and inventions ancient therapies and treatments have been shelved way back years ago. The recent for the safety healing through ancient medicines and therapies is simply the natural extracts.Use essential oil diffuser for healthy living.

Electric Blender – Buying Guide and Reviews

Electric Blender – Buying Guide, Reviews in 2018 – Crazy 4 The Best

To mix, beat and knead, nothing better than having a powerful and practical electric mixer, as it allows us an ideal result in much less time and effortless. So it is an appliance that should not be missing in your kitchen. The most important thing to consider when choosing a particular model is that it has adequate power, between 300 and 600 watts, so you can carry out your function effectively, as well as having a comfortable design and adapted to your needs and accessories to facilitate the preparation tasks. One of the models considered among the best on the market by users on the web is the Philips HR1565 / 40, which has 350 watts of power, plus turbo function for the most demanding jobs, and is made of materials very resistant and washable . Another outstanding model is Duronic BL1200, a beater of great versatility that allows to beat, crush, chop and liquefy, and has a power of 1000 watts, and a capacity of 1.8 liters.

What is the best electric mixer on the market?

Whether mixing, whipping or any other similar operation in the kitchen, the mixer is a staple. A basic that should never be missing in your kitchen and whose purchase has certain secrets that should know. With our guide to buy the best electric mixer on the market we reveal the secret so that you can choose the most suitable product according to your needs.

Buying Guide


The electric mixers have several designs depending on the layout and format of the masses. In the market we can find traditional mixers with arm also called hand, which are the most usual both for its comfort and its economic price. These mixers serve all kinds of preparations depending on the available power, being of general use for cooking and promptly for baking. We also find pastry mixers with arm and container, which are especially useful for kneading, assembling cream and other similar jobs.

Between these two elements we find the beater of rods, which is manual but has rods instead of with blades, being especially practical in works of confectionery and for all type of mixtures. The choice of model must depend on the type of dishes and preparations that you intend to do with it, the hand mixer being the most versatile of them all.

The power

The key to a good mixer lies in its potency. This power is what determines the ability to work with it both at the time of the type of preparations you can perform and the quantity and type of products you can beat with them. The power varies depending on the design or model of each mixer.

In the case of hand mixers we can find powers from 100 watts to about 300 approximately. In the case of the beater mixers, the potencies are similar, while those with containers, the baking models, these potencies can be larger starting at about 600 watts. The more power the mixer has the better, allowing you to work in a simpler way saving you time, while you can work with harder food for mixing.


As a final element of any comparison of electric mixers it is advisable to evaluate the accessories included in the product. Since the mixer is a generic engine, each model can have a variety of accessories that make it easy to work in the kitchen. Among them we find the chopper, which consists of a bowl and a blade in which to chop herbs, nuts and other products. We can also find a mixing rod, with which to create cream and other similar products as well as to make mixtures and shakes.

In the case of models for baking the rods can be interchanged to make different mixes and kneading, among others. These include sticks for cream or egg whites, or kneaded in general. All these accessories are usually included in the product, it is advisable to check that they come with the machine, considering them as part of how much a complete and level equipment costs.

What is the best electric mixer in 2017?

The blender is a fundamental tool in any kitchen. All kinds of cakes, cakes, cookies and bread are just some of the things we can do with an electric mixer, but there are also electric mixers with which we can make rich smoothies, soups or fruit juices. That is why we have prepared this selection of the best electric mixers of 2017 with the aim that you make a comparison and you can choose the one that best suits your diet.

Philips HR1565 / 40

Philips HR1565-40Many users consider this as the best electric mixer this year, and it’s not for less. It is a hands-free kneader with which you can prepare the richest desserts in a matter of minutes.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 electric mixer has a power of 350 watts, so it is capable of making heavy mixes for breads. It is made of ABS, a hard plastic that is very resistant to impacts, so it is one of the most durable blenders.

It is very practical in several aspects: first of all it is easy to use, it has three speeds and a special Turbo button, which momentarily increases speed when necessary. In addition, it does not occupy much space in the cupboard, as it has dimensions of 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and a weight of 2.3 kg, meaning you can move from one place to another without inconveniences.

The Philips HR1565 / 40 includes blender rod, kneading hooks, spatula and the rotating container with capacity for 3 liters.

Manufacturers always give us the confidence to choose their products, due to the trajectory they have in the market. Based on suggestions, we agree that the best brand of electric mixers is this, and you should browse the characteristics of this product to understand why.


Power: Offers 350 W, which according to the manufacturer, are sufficient to knead bread mixes. It has three different speeds to control, with efficiency, the aforementioned power.

Turbo Button: This function will allow you to obtain a little more power to be able to knead the heavy masses that require it, or to make the beat or mixing process faster.

Design: It is made of ABS plastic, which is very hard and resistant, which ensures a very long durability of the device, as well as safety and ease of cleaning

Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transfer will not be a problem at home. The dimensions are: 33 x 24.2 x 21 cm and its weight of 2.3 kg.

Articles: In addition to the mixer and the respective hooks for kneading, bring a special spatula for pastry use. Also, the 3-liter bowl is rotating for comfort.

Duronic BL1200

When we ask ourselves which is the best electric mixer on the market today, one of the models that stands out among the others is the Duronic BL1200, a very versatile device with which you can chop, shred, beat and liquefy all types of food.

This electric mixer allows you to make green juices that are fashionable by mixing fruits and vegetables, no matter if it is soft or hard foods, and even hail using ice in the mix.

One of the features that is obvious is the design. It has a very attractive and modern look: the combination of the 1.8-liter glass vessel with its stainless steel base structure and LED lighting give it an elegant touch. It is also very simple to use, has a knob to control the speed and three special buttons for automatic cleaning, making shakes and cutting ice.

If you are looking for a good multi-functional mixer and at a fair price, the Duronic BL1200 may be your best choice.

For our most demanding customers, we consider that the best electric mixer of the moment could be this model, and should consult the characteristics of the same, below, to understand why it has been cataloged that way.


Power: It has 1000 W of power, enough to make porridge almost any food that is placed in your tank, and even to crush ice with comfort.

Design: It has an elegant stainless steel design with plastic details and a glass glass to offer both visual distinction and durability by its use. The buttons are large and easy to use and have LED lighting.

Functions: Incorporates three preset functions to efficiently perform tasks such as joining, liquefying and mixing. Needless to say, the speed can be adjusted with its respective control at the base.

Maintenance: The stainless blade can be separated from the glass vessel for deeper and more efficient cleaning. Being glass the glass, practically nothing will stay stuck in it, and its cleaning will be simpler.

Dimensions: It has a size suitable for any kitchen, since it is not very voluminous: 43 x 28 x 22 cm and weighs almost 5 kg.

Ufesa Whip BV4631

In the fourth place we have put this model of electric mixer that serves to mix and even to knead. Like the previous model, this offers 5 levels and its special turbo function, with the difference that it includes a base with rotating bowl, which decreases the efforts on the part of the user.

Ufesa Whip BV4631 has 2 mixer rods and 2 kneading rods. It is specially designed for baking, turning the egg white into snowy point in a few minutes. Thanks to its 300 W of power, you can prepare your favorite desserts and even try a new recipe.

It is very practical because it has an easy-access button through which the rods are disassembled when you need to wash them. Its capacity in weight for the mixes with flour is of 500 grams, nevertheless, it is not very big, it measures 365 x 87 x 360 mm reason why you will be able to store it in any corner of the kitchen.

When you are looking for the best cost – benefit ratio, we advise you to check the advantages and disadvantages of this machine, considered the best electric mixer for 30 euros in the market.


Power: It offers 300 W, which are sufficient for the realization of a wide variety of pastry doughs and recipes, in addition to having 5 speeds to regulate the power.

Turbo Function: This is a feature that you will use when you need a little more power to knead or beat what you need.

Rotary Bowl: This is an innovation that will make it easier to beat and knead because, by simply turning the bowl, you can move the mixer through areas where it does not reach a fixed position.

Dimensions: It is a fairly compact model, so its storage and transport is easy and comfortable: 36.5 x 8.7 x 36 cm and 2.50 kg in weight.


Power: Some buyers say that the power of this mixer is not well regulated, since the 1st speed is too powerful and end up sprinkling everything.

Zyon Z9800

We finish this list with one of the best electric mixers this year. If you love to prepare homemade bread, this may be your best option, because although it is not the cheapest, it is one of the most powerful.

The Zyon Z9800 has a motor of no less than 1000 W adjustable in 6 speeds, which will allow you to make all kinds of desserts and breads. It is a semi-professional product that works with rotating movement while rotating so that no element is left unmixed. This way you do not have to do anything but add ingredients to the bowl.

One of the advantages of this model is that your kitchen never gets dirty thanks to a practical protective cover that prevents the usual splashes. The Zyon Z9800 allows nothing to spill and no ingredient is wasted.

This electric mixer measures 39cm x 35cm x 19cm and weighs 7 kilograms. That is to say that it is not a compact model, but the good thing is that you can do a lot of mixing at the same time, thanks to its stainless steel bowl with capacity for 5.2 liters.

If after reviewing our list you are still wondering which electric mixer to buy, then, we invite you to browse the characteristics of this model that promises enough.


Power: Offers 1000 W which are ideal for almost any type of pastry dough. In addition, it has 6 adjustable speeds, to make an efficient use of the power and according to the characteristics of what you are preparing.

Safety Cap: Bring this item to avoid possible disasters when using the appliance, by sealing the bowl where the mixture is beaten.

Bowl capacity: It is 5.2 liters, one of the largest on the market, as well as, ideal for anyone who wants to make great preparations at home in comfort.

Maintenance: The bowl is made of stainless steel, so it can be washed in its entirety without affecting its integrity. Also, it can be washed in the dishwasher.


Noisy: Several users comment that the device is quite noisy, so you will have to get accustomed to this peculiarity if you acquire it.

How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuums?

Welcome to the robot vacuum cleaner revolution!

If you are reading this, congratulations! You are one step closer to being part of a small technological revolution 😉

Now seriously, if you are considering buying a robot vacuum cleaner you should consider certain considerations to decide which model of vacuum cleaner is most suited to your needs. In the market there are dozens and dozens of models on sale, whose performance and skills should be appropriate for the type of space to be cleaned.

First of all you should know that a few years have passed since the appearance of those first models, whose efficiency was, if not more, questionable. Current models of vacuum cleaners are equipped with advanced technologies that, among other things, detect obstacles with infrared sensors, adapt the intensity of cleaning to the level of dirt or even can disinfect the surfaces through which they pass with ultraviolet light. Their benefits are proportional to their prices, which on the day of today oscillate between $40 and $1000.

While the most basic models do not have navigation systems (ie, they move randomly, without too much order) and have mechanical obstacle detection systems, the most advanced models are able to “know” all the nooks and crannies of your home, to detect obstacles at a distance (vases, animals, stairs, entanglements of cables …), operate autonomously without human intervention and can be easily programmed to behave and clean as you want.

The first thing to keep in mind: The price of your robot vacuum cleaner

It is obvious that your future decision will be mainly conditioned by what you want to spend on your new assistant. However you should keep in mind that the efficiency of your robot suction will be proportional to its price; Well, do not expect amazing results from mediocre models. Before deciding how much you want to spend, we encourage you to consider the following points:

  • A mid-range aspirated robot has a lifespan of more than 2 years. What you invest now will have repercussions on the comfort and effectiveness of the coming years.
  • There are robots that are automated cleaning machines and there are intelligent and autonomous vacuum cleaner robots. The difference is abysmal.
  • As a general rule, buyers are very satisfied after buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Now, your vacuum cleaner robot will only satisfy you if you are aware of the product you are buying and its capabilities.

With that said, let’s see what options you have depending on your budget:

Robot Vacuums for less than $100

Until recently we would have told you that, with such a tight budget, it was best to continue saving to reach higher models. So far, vacuum cleaners that hovered around $100 were inefficient machines with chaotic behaviors.

However a few months ago appeared in the market a Chinese brand that is revolutionizing the world of low cost vacuum cleaners: iLife. These are robots capable of aspirating and scrubbing with wet mop, programmable, with infrared and mechanical sensors, with HEPA filters of high efficiency … And with a rather orderly and methodical behavior.

Basically offer features of mid-range robots at a tremendously competitive price: The best iLife models cost between $120 and $140 with warranty and shipping included.

Other alternatives in this price range are the robots Taurus Mini Striker and the Vileda Cleaning. Although the operation of both is quite acceptable, they are not as efficient and advanced vacuum cleaners as the iLife.

Robot Vacuums for less of $300 A $500

If your budget is in this range your options are expanded considerably. To begin with you have the Roomba 600 series, the most basic of the brand, with the Roomba 650 as one of its star models (it is a real bestseller).

Within this price range, we also find the Roomba 700 series, which includes more advanced models than the previous series.

Finally, in this segment you can also find the LG Hombot Square Series 6+, 7, 8 and 9. These are some quirky suction robots, because they are square and use a camera to map our home. They are especially meticulous robots and very orderly.

Robot Vacuums for more than +$500

In this case you have two main options. On the one hand, the LG Hombot Square Series: You have the Hombot Square Series 11 and the Hombot Square Series 12. Both are very advanced vacuum cleaners, which can be controlled remotely via the app and even offer Video surveillance of the home.

Finally you also have the efficient robots of the series 800 and 900 of Roomba. These are authentic cleaning machines, powerful, intelligent and hardly requiring maintenance – as it should be. When we talk about the Roomba 900 series we can say without fear to be mistaken that they are the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

The essential characteristics to consider

Below we talk about those characteristics that we think you should consult and take into account whatever robot vacuum cleaner you want and your budget. Remember them well and use them to choose your new assistant!

1. The Navigation System (or its absence)

The cleaning pattern described by a robot vacuum cleaner, conditioned by its navigation system
The navigation system of your future robot vacuum cleaner will determine the way in which it moves, orient and clean in your house. For example, to see the differences:

  • The most basic model we analyzed, the Vileda Virobi, has no navigation system, simply moves randomly, crashing against everything that is found like a ping-pong ball.
  • In the mid-range, we have, for example, the series 600 and 700 of Roomba (remember that you have available the supercomparative of all Roomba), which have an intelligent navigation system. They have mechanical, acoustic and optical sensors and analyze the environment about 50 times per second, creating a “mental” map of the rooms and distribution of the home, remembering every corner and obstacle.
  • At the other end, in the high range, we have navigation systems able to detect the dirtiest areas of the house, through acoustic and optical sensors, and to influence them more. They are also able to “learn” to perfection the distribution of our home through cameras or laser sensors that map the spaces. Some examples of models that we can include in this segment are the series 800 and 900 of Roomba, as well as the LG Hombot Square robots.

2. Cleaning System and Aspiration Capacity

There are models that do not even aspire, they just pass the mop. However most robot vacuum cleaner models combine two methods of collecting dust: the brush and the vacuum. Its usual way of working is to collect dust with the side brush (or brushes, on some models) and put it in the optimal place for suctioning. However, each model and brand has its own system. For example, there are some brushed side brushes (number 1 in the image above) and others that only have “roller” brushes (number 2 in the same image).

On the other hand, the suction power is also an important factor to take into account. However, it is not decisive: more suction power does not necessarily determine more efficiency. The efficiency will be determined by a combination of more factors, such as the arrangement of the brushes, the number of them, the navigation system and, in general, how well designed the robot is. By the way (I forgot) power is measured in Wattios (W) and actually expresses the electric consumption of the vacuum cleaner (not its effectiveness!).

3. The Programability

The program … what? Speaking clearly: The ability of your future robot sucker to work autonomously and according to the orders that you give. The most basic models have zero or limited programmability, while “decent” models have highly functional options. For practical purposes this will allow you to tell the robot vacuum cleaner what days and at what time he has to clean. Most models also include “direct” orders. For example, your child has left the living room rug full of cookies crumbs (does anyone sound?) … because you tell your assistant to do a thorough cleaning only of that area (by pressing the button Spot Clean, in the case Of the Roomba).

4. The Autonomy and the Capacity of the Deposit

How big is your home? If the answer is “big” or “very big” you should keep in mind that the more autonomy your future robot has, the better. By autonomy we mean the time the robot can work after a full load, and usually this time is between one hour and one and a half hours. While it is true that almost all robots, as soon as they detect that they have low “batteries” go back to the base alone to charge, the more autonomy more efficiency will have the cleaning system.

On the other hand, you will also have to look at the capacity of the dirt tank. For example, if you have pets (ie dog or cat hair everywhere) choose a model with a good deposit. Some models have a full tank warning; In others you must become accustomed to take an eye to see how full it is. Ah, tank capacity is measured in Liters (L), or sometimes in Centiliters (CL) or Milliliters (ML), and we consider that “decent” tank capacities are those that start at 0.3L.

5. The Noise

Yes, unfortunately your future robot vacuum cleaner is going to make noise. But less (or significantly less, in some cases) than a traditional vacuum cleaner. However this factor should only worry you if you spend the day at home, or you work in your own home. The great advantage of these devices is that they are programmable (even the most “mediocre” models) so you will be able to program it to work while you are not at home. This way, although you may be disturbed by the noise, you will not be there to hear it.

However, if you think that this is going to be an important factor for you, you should know that noise is measured in decibels (dB) and that the standard of a vacuum cleaner robot is between 50 and 80 dB. To give you an idea a normal vacuum cleaner produces about 90 dB, and a hair dryer about 80 dB.

Other features that may matter to you

So far, the most basic and essential. But depending on your case and your needs you may want your future vacuum cleaner to have any of the following characteristics.


Vacuums, all of them, even those of a lifetime, raise dust. When they suck air they also take the dust off the floor. This passes through a circuit and is mostly retained in the corresponding receptacle or bag. However, the air aspirated must re-emerge, and often it is filled with small particles of microscopic dust that have not been able to be retained by their small size. This situation should not bother you too much, unless you or someone in your family is allergic to dust or you want to have a “cleaner” air. In this case it is recommended that your future vacuum cleaner has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. These filters are capable of capturing particles of 0.3 μm; That is, they purify the air from dust and unwanted particles. If you have a good budget for your robot vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to look for it with HEPA filter.

Schematic of a HEPA filter (source: Wikipedia)
(If you are particularly interested in the subject of HEPA filters you can see what the Wikipedia says about them here).


Of course, this is not an important feature; But you may want a model with a remote control. You should know that not all models have and that you can control basic options such as the program of the robot vacuum or their working hours. However, if you have mobility issues (or you are going to give the robot a vacuum cleaner to someone older in the family, something quite habitual) you may want the future assistant to have a remote control.


Virtual walls?, you must be wondering 🙂 . The virtual walls are accessories that serve to delimit in a “virtual” spaces of the house where we do not want the vacuum cleaner to enter or clean. For example, you can put your assistant to clean the terrace, and delimit the lawn area so that it does not enter into it. Or veto the room of a very small child where it plays on his carpet. Many Roomba models already include virtual walls in their basic pack and you may never get to use it (I’ve never used them, for example, the more rooms I clean my robot, the better!)


If you choose one of the well-known and international brands (Roomba of iRobot, LG, Vileda …) this point should not worry you at all. However, if you choose “rare brands” you should keep in mind that it may be very difficult or impossible to find spare parts, should you need them. So it is most advisable to check, before buying the robot vacuum cleaner, if spare parts are available.


Do you have any furniture lower than normal (a bed, a sofa) and want your future assistant to effectively clean under it? If so, you should take into account the height of your robot, and check before you buy if it will be “dwarf” enough to pass under your furniture.

Now that you are already an expert in vacuum robots, we invite you to continue your search with …

Reputable Brands of the Best Ironing Boards

Most of the working men and women would want to wear their dress ironed daily while going to the office. Due to the hectic life schedule, ironing is the frustrating work for all the home makers but at the same time it can’t be avoidable. Some of them may think to hire a servant to do it but it is absolutely a wrong decision because they will collect hefty fees for ironing your dresses. In order to get rid of these problems, you should need to go for the highly reliable and reputable brand of the iron box in 2017. By this way, it will make your entire cloth ironing process in the simpler manner. When it comes to the ironing process, everyone should need an ironing board which will make ironing easier to everyone. The following are the best options of the ironing boards for this year.

Top rated ironing boards 

The below mentioned ironing boards are the high quality and top rated ironing boards which are really essentials for all the home makers in order to make your ironing process too simpler.

1. Household essentials extra-wide top 4 leg large sized ironing board

  • It is the top on this list and this ironing board is the best option of household essentials which has additional width with the four legged sturdy design.
  • This ironing board is completely made up of the heavy gauge steel which has the durable frame design.
  • It has the best shape to avoid losing or bending. At the same time, it includes the wobbling under pressure.
  • This ironing board as well as has the most reliable four legged design which is the most appreciating design by several numbers of users.

2. Brabantia ironing board with the solid steam iron-rest

  • When the individuals are looking for the ironing board with the sturdy and spacious model, you can go for this Brabantia ironing board.
  • It works well for your ironing process because it features the wide size C-shaped top with the 49 x 18 inch spacious design. Thus, it will meet the needs of the several persons.
  • It is also the new model ironing board for heavy-duty and light ironing.

3. Household essentials 144222 over the door small sized ironing board

  • In most of the houses, the people don’t have enough space to place all the necessary things. For this main reason, they are looking for the small sized ironing boards like this model.
  • It is the best suitable option of ironing board for your bedrooms, pantry, kitchen and anywhere in order to solve your ironing problems.
  • It is a very good solution instead of choosing the freestanding ironing boards.

4. Homz durabilt DX1500 premium ironing board with the wider legs

  • Homz is definitely the most reliable and reputable United States brand providing the high quality ironing board to everyone.
  • Most of the consumers prefer buying this product to enjoy its unique and wider legged design for the easy ironing process.
  • The users can able to expand the front legs of this ironing board up to 25 inches as per your preferences.

5. Homz T-legged ironing board with cotton cover

  • Even though there are diverse range of brands and models existing to provide the ironing boards, Homz ironing board with the T-leg is definitely the most suitable option to easily and quickly iron your clothes.
  • It is surely the best model of ironing board which is considered to be the premium ironing accessory with the extensive range of features.
  • This ironing board has the measure of 53 x 13 inch that is the spacious board fits most types of the clothes.

6. Westex compact ironing board for the best laundry solutions

  • Although you have a high quality iron box at home, some of the individuals can’t able to get the well pressed and neat clothes due to the misselection of the ironing boards.
  • This is why everyone is highly recommended to go for the compact ironing board from the Westex board in order to get the best laundry solutions.
  • This model of ironing board is available in both the online and offline stores at the cheapest cost.
  • As it has the compact and stylish design with the unique blend of features, most of the people would like to buy it for their regular ironing process

7. Household essentials euro style premium quality ironing board

  • When you are going to the euro style household essential ironing board, its performance and design are really improved for the new generation users.
  • Everyone can now able to find the effective and lively options of the ironing board from the euro style ironing board.
  • It could definitely be the premium household accessory with the best theme of design.
  • Similarly, it has the vibrant orange color with the stylish design.

8. Bartnelli T-legged extra wider ironing board

  • If the buyers are looking for the top functional and affordable brand of the ironing board, Bartnelli is really the most suitable brand for your easy ironing process.
  • It has been the most popular brand of ironing board for many years and it includes the T-leg model in order to give the stylish outlook.
  • This additional wider ironing board has 51 x 19 inches spacious European design to iron your clothes at home.

9. Parker extra wider ironing board

  • Parker is definitely the most suitable choice of brand providing the high quality type of ironing board which can be used in the boutiques, homes and also the commercial laundries.
  • For the day to day use, this ironing board is the best option which has the extra wider design along with the retractable shoulder wings and sturdy design.
  • The increased surface is another most considerable feature of this ironing board for your regular use.
  • You can find this model of best ironing board from the leading online shops.

Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis

Faced with the particular dictatorship of Nespresso models, where you can only have coffee, coffee or coffee, Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker include a plethora of beverages ranging from coffee to tea and chocolate among others. Drinks pleasant and prepared alone thanks to the included electronic system, eliminating problems and discomfort when working. Among the most outstanding models of the market we find the Krups Mini Me coffee machine. This model is the favorite of users, who consider it ideal to prepare all kinds of drinks thanks to its 15 pressure bars and its adjustable cup system in up to 4 different sizes. But if you want to have drinks in large quantities, your choice is the model Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3. A Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker with a deposit of 1.5 liters and an excellent performance that will have your drink ready in just 30 seconds.


What is the best Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker on the market?

For those who live on more than coffee, or prefer to have more control over how they prepare their drinks, Dolce Gusto coffee makers become an alternative to the rigidity of Nespresso capsule systems. The good news is that you choose the model you choose, they all have the same quality to get perfect drinks in different formats adapted to your taste. If you want to know more about these products just read the advice of our guide to buy the best coffee maker Dolce Gusto according to your preferences.

Buying Guide

Format of the coffee maker

All Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker are governed by the same technical parameters, in terms of working pressure and how to prepare drinks by the code system that the capsules with which the coffee maker knows how to act. Therefore, when talking about the format we will refer to the exterior design of the coffee maker, which offers different measures and options depending on the space and what we want.

In the part of the format we can find conventional models, which follow the line of traditional coffee machines, placing the cup in the front area of ​​the machine, with a more or less rectangular format. This is the most common format, but then we also have variations that give a special touch of elegance to your home.

Among them we find the products with the shape of a niche, where the cup is completely placed inside the machine and does not lose a drop. Or the most modern designs models, with independent heads and transparent deposits. At the end we have options of all kinds to choose and even to decorate.

Beverage Preparation System

As mentioned, the beverage preparation system is in part predetermined by the characteristics of the capsules. The bar codes included in them help to know the parameters that should be applied in each of them.

However, here we can also find differences in aspects such as warm-up time. Models that offer greater power or specific systems of rapid heating allow us to have our drink in less time (just seconds remember). These high power models also reach the operating temperature at a higher speed, saving time in the process.

The last element in this section, key in any comparative of Dolce Gusto coffee makers, is the control over that preparation. As mentioned before the process is usually automated, although there are coffee makers that allow adjustments to be made to the beverage to be prepared. The difference of how much a model or another costs is scarce and in the end allows us to be able to maintain full control over the way the drink is dispensed.

Management of capsules and water

As a last aspect of this guide, we wanted to mention the two elements that mainly require our attention when it comes to preparing drinks. We talk about the way the capsules are placed inside, as well as the water tank and its assembly once full.

On the side of the capsules, the Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker has two main formats. One of them involves opening a lid in which the capsule is housed and we can place it properly. In the other product line this capsule is placed in a removable capsule holder. Both formats are just as comfortable and really do not make big differences.

Where there are differences is in the deposit. A section in which the supply of coffee grows the proposal, being able to find deposits ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water capacity. The larger the deposit the less you will have to recharge it when preparing your drinks, so the lesson will be given by how often you use the machine. By the way, models with transparent deposit or at least visible as far as the load level are concerned are preferable.

What is the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker in 2017?

Enjoying coffee, tea and all kinds of hot and cold drinks is easy with the modern Dolce Gusto coffee makers. A first level products that allow us to have these drinks in a few seconds just by putting the capsule of our favorite drink.

Although it is not for us to decide which is the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker of the moment, since this is your business, if we can introduce you to our candidates. Five top-tier products selected from among the best Dolce Gusto coffee machines of 2017, both for their price level and for the features they offer us.

Krups Mini Me

The Dolce Gusto mini Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker is currently considered by consumers as the best Dolce Gusto coffee machine of the moment. Among other things because it is the product with which everything started and is currently the most common purchase decision by users.

This model has an electric power of 1500 watts and a pressure of 15 bars with which to obtain espressos and drinks prepared of ideal form in its right point. In fact, we can choose between hot or cold drinks thanks to the selector lever included.

The model incorporates a system that allows you to choose up to four different cup levels, including a water tank of 0.8 liters so that you prepare your drinks without having to recharge frequently.

Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3

The Krups Dolce Gusto Melody 3 coffee machine is an evolved and current model of this beverage preparation system, capable of preparing from coffee to tea, chocolate and more.

The product incorporates a system of rapid heating that allows to have the product ready in just 30 seconds. The model is able to generate a pressure of 15 bars, in line with the rest of products of the range, to obtain a coffee brew or the quality drink, also including 6 coffee capsules for you to put to the test.

The product is completed with a 1.5 liter tank with which the recharge periods are reduced, being able to prepare many drinks without loading the tank too frequently.

De’Longhi EDG200.B

De’Longhi is one of the companies that has made the leap to the world of the Dolce Gusto system, presenting products like the De’Longhi model EDG200.B. The coffeemaker is based on the Thermoblock system that allows rapid heating of the water, accompanied by a selector to use cold or hot water as you need.

It is complemented by a safety system that does not emit water if the capsule holder is not in place. The product works at the usual pressure of 15 bars, serving for all types of drinks, also with the tray collects drops made of stainless steel, which facilitates the cleaning of the product.

This tray can be placed on four different levels depending on the size of the cup you want to prepare. And if to all this we add an attractive price, we have before us the best coffee maker Dolce Gusto for the price ratio of the moment.

Krups Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker Oblo

If there is something that catches the eye on the model Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo is his presence. And is that its format differs from the usual both by the showy exterior and the format niche of the area to place the cup.

Out of these elements and their compact size, the product shares the other elements of these multi-drink coffee machines, including the capsule reading system, the beverage settings and the power of 15 bars to make the most of each gram of coffee or of what corresponds.

The product incorporates a tank of 0.8 liters and a tray adjustable in three heights depending on the type of cup that you want to use in the process.

DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Stelia

The design of the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Stelia Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker offers a different shape reminiscent of a swan, with its neck for water intake, the transparent tank in the back area and its pouring head.

This product has a tank of 1 liter of water of capacity that we can control visually for its transparent housing.

The pouring system has the adjustable format of this product, controlling both the level of preparation of the drinks as well as the other parameters of the preparation of your drinks.

The product is completed with the tray collects drops, made of quality plastic that can be cleaned easily, as well as adjusting it in height according to the size of cup you use.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Many people these days wish to find out the smart and successful approaches to decorate their property without compromising their buying products and financial plan. As a homeowner with a commitment to enhancing the attractiveness of your home with the best Himalayan salt lamp then you can focus on the most recommended Himalayan salt lamps on online. You will narrow down these choices and make an informed decision to buy the right product on time without any doubt.

Clear images and descriptions of top Himalayan salt lamps nowadays give the complete assistance to everyone who has decided to invest in an ideal product. An in-depth analysis of the most outstanding products in the Himalayan salt lamp category does not fail to assist people of every age group with an aim towards the successful shopping within the budget and schedule.

The main attractions 

Himalayan salt lamps are known for their attractiveness and health benefits. These lamps are available in different sizes and shapes. The size and shape of this salt lamp determine its price. Every user of the natural crystal lamp towers carved from the best blocks of real Himalayan pink salt in recent times gets the best improvement in their health and wealth as expected.

A salt lamp is a hand chiselled solid block of ancient crystal salt. The most beautiful pink colour of this salt lamp makes its users satisfied. The high concentration of trace minerals is available in the salt lamp. There is a light bulb inside the hollowed out nature of the salt rock lamp’s middle portion to generate heat and light required. If there is no heat producing light, then the salt lamp does not work in a proper way.

Once you have chosen and bought the Himalayan salt lamp, you can place it in the room where you spend a lot of time day after day. You will get a wide range of benefits when you breathe fresh air generated by this salt lamp. The basic science of water vapour attraction as well as evaporation is the hygroscopic air cleaning effect.

Benefits of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Every user of the best Himalayan salt lamp nowadays gets the following benefits.

  • Enhance breathing
  • Reduce allergies
  • Less airborne viruses
  • Increased relaxation
  • Less stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism
  • An enhanced skin health

Factors to consider in order to choose the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are loads of things to consider when you like to choose and buy the best Himalayan salt lamp. However, some of these important things are as follows.

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Cost


The color of the crystal salt lamp is one of the foremost things to consider while exploring a huge collection of lamps. The most unique nature of the salt lamp makes its users satisfied. The best suitable colours of this lamp mostly recommended in our time are darker shades of orange and pink. Keep in mind that pink salt lamps usually associated with love, closeness and positive emotions. Orange salt lamps impart security sense and benefit the nervous system.


The overall weight of the Himalayan salt lamp is the best indication of its size and its ability to clean air. Big and heavy salt lamps are recommended to everyone who seeks an array of benefits. A small crystal salt lamp with 5 pounds is enough to place it on the desk where you mostly work and seek a good improvement in your profession. However, at least 12 pounds of salt lamps are required to get the electromagnetic radiation throughout the large space and office environments.


Even though the shape of the salt lamp does not affect its ability to generate negative ions and clean the air, large surface area of the salt lamp is recommended to people who require loads of benefits. This is advisable to buy the basket salt lamp when you like to maximize the surface area of electromagnetic radiation and benefits.


The cost of the Himalayan salt lamp depends on several factors like colour, shape and size. If you compare top Himalayan salts, then you can find out and buy the most competitive price of the best salt lamp on time.

You may have decided to buy the most special Himalayan salt lamp and get a good enhancement in your lifestyle in various aspects. You can listen to the following details and make an informed decision about the Himalayan salt lamp shopping.

  1. WBM Himalayan Hand Carved Natural Lamp with genuine neem wood base

The best in class salt lamp from the WBM impresses everyone and encourages them buy it without any delay. A neem wood base is the foremost attraction of this premium yet affordable salt lamp. A soothing light emitted from the finest Himalayan salt crystal gives 100% satisfaction to every user.  UL certified powers cord is long enough and available with it. This product is enough to keep allergens and microbes away from the property.

  1. HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Wood Base

If you have decided to quit pollutants and allergens away, then you can use this Himalayan salt lamp. You will get the most expected support and make positive changes in your life without any difficulty. The main attractions of this product are handcrafted salt rock and wooden base.  Users of this product conveniently eliminate bacteria, pet dander, pollens, dust and other unfavorable things.

  1. Star Design Metal Basket Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This product is made from the finest salt and designed to deliver the most excellent result. All users of this product get soothing and relaxing mood as expected. They get a notable enhancement in their personal as well as professional life.

This set of two salt lamps is available at the most competitive price. These are fitted with 6 feet cord with an appropriate rotary dimming switch.

  1. Crystal Decor Dimmable Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This handmade salt lamp is available at a reasonable price and designed to make the room to glow with an attractive colour and fresh air.

Sander – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis

When it comes to giving the finishing touches to any carpentry job or removing the remains of paint and debris from any surface, the sander becomes the perfect companion. Especially because a quality and powerful sander saves you a lot of physical effort and a lot of time compared to the manual process. However, it is necessary that the product is of quality to avoid damage to the few uses or simply can not fulfill its function. These problems are avoided with models such as the Makita BO3711 sander. This sander, besides being the favorite of the consumers, has a great power and an anti-vibration system for an impeccable and effortless work. Also attractive is the Bosch Psm 80 A sander, which has a mouse-shaped design that you can use with one hand, with a high power able to withstand the toughest jobs.

What is the best sander in the market?

Both genuine carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who use wood as their main material, use sanders to remove large amounts of material on surfaces in a simple way, as well as filing, grinding, sanding and leveling, but above all to achieve a finish of luxury, since a totally smooth wood allows a uniform and durable varnish that at the end gives a great appearance.

We know that you are looking for a good sander but there are so many brands and models in the market that it can be difficult to select a particular one, that’s why we have prepared this guide to buy the best sander of 2017. Our goal is that you can acquire one that fully covers your needs and at the same time be economic.

We can start by saying that the sanding process is composed of two important parts, the machine itself and the sandpaper that we will use during the work. This paper will determine in most cases what type of sanding the tool will provide. That is why it is so important to be clear about the use we are going to give the sander.

There are different sizes, including some very specific for example if we need to sand corners and difficult places. Either way, some sanders are very versatile and include different types of accessories for special cases.

Purchase guide sander

What type of sander is best?

As we have indicated, this depends on your particular needs, but you will find at least six types of sanders and each one has some characteristics that must be checked before making the purchase.

Belt sander

These sanders are ideal in the start phases of large sanding jobs, as well as the first stages of finishing. Band sanders are usually very powerful so we recommend you be very careful to avoid damaging the material you are sanding.

Try to buy one that has speed settings, as well as a safety button to prevent accidental ignitions. It is also recommended an ergonomic handle that allows you to place your hands in a comfortable position, which in the end will not get so tired when using this type of sanders.

Details sander

They are small sanders normally used to sand hard-to-reach corners and small cracks in wood such as carvings, slats, curves and sausages. Detail sanders are widely used in crafts, and not so much for factory jobs such as frames and window doors. If you decide to buy this type of sander, choose one that has several accessories, this will depend on the versatility of your sander.

Disc sander

This type of sanders can be found by hand and bank. The handles are for occasional use rather domestic, while the bank versions are used by those people who will work with the disk sander for longer, some carpenters have them in their workshops.

Disc sanders are able to sand edges at an angle quickly and are frequently used to achieve the final finish of the wood. If you are thinking of buying a bench disc sander, you should also consider that it has some features: sliding miter, a tilting table, and a belt sander in the frame.

Sander roto-orbital

These sanders have pads that provide a circular movement with a random pattern, which allows the user to move the sander in any direction on the material without scratching the surface of the sander.

This type of sander is very easy to use so it is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. It’s good to keep in mind that most of these roto-orbital sanders require the use of a specific sandpaper for each brand and model of sander.

Orbital sander

The main difference of this type of sander and the previous one, is that the orbital sanders vibrate the sandpaper in one direction, not in a circular way, so they have to move in the direction of the grain of the material that we are sanding for Do not damage the surface. These sanders are very versatile and can be used for different projects.

Shaft sander

Finally, we have a very powerful sanders, ideal for sanding edges and especially edges with curves. They are sanders mounted on a bench, with a cylindrical shaft located in the center of a work table. These sanders are usually for professional use, if you choose an axle sander, choose an oscillating, which allows you to remove more material and at the same time reduces the risk of damage to what you are sanding.

You know, before asking how much it costs, check all the features very well. Make a comparison of sanders according to your needs.

What is the best sander of 2017?

Finding the best sander is not an easy task, the power of it is a key factor for sanding is adequate.

Below, we present some of the best sanders for 2017, with their characteristics and how they can help you.

Makita BO3711

Main advantage

It has an excellent level of power that allows sanding large surfaces for a long time without making much noise and getting an excellent finish, is manageable and ergonomic, and does not overheat because it has a cooling system with double blades.

Main disadvantage

This is a tool with a powerful engine that fully satisfies the most demanding users, so it has no negative comments among its buyers that mention its many features.

It is a sander designed for use on large surfaces without much noise for its powerful engine, with 11000 RPM you get the best finish for your bricolajes works or decoration without exposing your safety, because it has a non-slip rubber that allows a firm grip on your hands.



In the sanders the power is an extremely important aspect because to more power greater are the revolutions per minute, and the result of the work is much more professional. The Makita BO3711 has 190 W of power that translates into 11,000 RPM and 22,000 vibrations per minute to get a more neat job. In addition, with this sander the operator can regulate the speed control through a dial to adapt it to the surface to be sanded and avoid abrasions in the material used.

The work force of this equipment allows it to be used on surfaces such as wood, metals or synthetic materials without worrying about waste since it has a good suction capacity. In the same way, fatigue in the operator is practically nil, because it has an antivibration system that reduces extentions in the person who uses it.


This tool has dimensions of 93x228mm and a light weight of 1.6 kg, which means that it can easily be used with one hand for operator comfort. In this way the sander can be moved over a large surface without difficulty because it has a 2 meter power cable that allows greater freedom of movement without depending on the location of the plug. It also highlights its ergonomic design with excellent support due to the anti-slip handles it has in the front and back. Its versatility and easy handling make it ideal for any type of project that requires a professional finish.

Regarding the exchange of the sandpaper on this machine, it is very simple because it has two grippers on the sides that firmly support the paper to give security during the smoothing and when it wears it can be replaced quickly.


When you sand a wooden surface, for example, the most tedious thing is to collect the sawdust remains scattered all over the place, which is why the manufacturers have chosen to develop sanders with the ability to vacuum the waste material, and the Makita BO3711 is no exception. It is developed with a powerful internal vacuum system that collects all waste and allows an external vacuum cleaner to be added to increase its capacity.

In some sanders you may feel overheating during prolonged use but in the Makita BO3711 this will not be a problem because it has an efficient two-blade cooling system that extends the life of the equipment considerably.

Bosch Psm 80 A

Considered by Bosch a multi-sander, it is really an all-terrain sander thanks to its power of 80 watts, by the delta point design you can reach without any problem the corners and is ideal even for small surfaces.

It has the microfilter system with which the dust will be sucked directly into the tank included for that purpose.

The plate of the sander is divided into two parts, on the one hand to take more advantage of the leaves that do not always wear out equally, then you can change the delta tip if it is what has worn out, or the wider rectangular part if it is the case. Changing the sander blade will be quick thanks to the zipper it has. The handle is anti-vibration type for greater comfort when using the tool.

Sanding tasks are always difficult, especially when they are done manually, so it is best to have a device that facilitates this task. If you are looking for the best sander, here are some options with their pros and cons.


Easy handling: The sander can be easily operated with one hand, thanks to its practical design with an anti-vibration handle.

Various surfaces: It can be used on various surfaces and adapts to different types of spaces.

Vacuum: Includes an internal vacuum system, to keep the work area clean and facilitate its operation.

Three sanding sheets: Includes three sanding sheets, to guarantee the durability of the product.

Divided plate: The main plate of the sander is divided into two parts, one to take advantage of the tip of the sandpaper, and another for the inside.

Skil 7207aa

This delta-tip sander will allow you to sand with high precision and ease. It will allow you to sand corners, curves, narrow spaces, edges and other places of difficult access. With just selecting the right accessory, all these tasks will be carried out without major problem.

This tool passed performance tests by the German magazine “Selbst ist der Mann” and was rated “gut” (“remarkable”). You can rotate the sanding plate according to your convenience or with the simple purpose of making the most of the sanding sheets that are fastened with Velcro.

The accessories are sold separately and will allow you to sand rounded, curved, covered or narrow surfaces. Change accessories with the push of a button, does not require Allen keys or screwdrivers for that purpose.

It has an integrated dust extraction system with connection for standard vacuum cleaners which will allow you to work with total cleanliness. With a power of 100 W with a total surface of sanding 151 x 102 mm, with the invertible tip of 92 mm., You can make yourself an infinity of projects in your home.

If you have already set a budget to invest in this equipment, know the best sanding for 40 euros, with its corresponding pros and cons.


Compact design: It has a compact design, which only weighs 898 grams, so it is smaller than an iron and can be easily manipulated with one hand.

Multifunction foot: The foot is designed to be multifunctional and reach different surfaces, thanks to its ogival shape, for corners and corners.

Accessories: Includes eight different accessories, including three sheets of sandpaper of different textures, according to the degree of sanding required by each surface.

Simple use: This sander has a very simple use, since it only needs to be connected and press the corresponding button to turn it on.

Vacuum: It also includes the special function of suction, which absorbs dust in a special tank that can then be recycled.


Intensity: For some users, the intensity of the sander is low, so you need to keep it for a while on a surface to observe good results.

Meister MES480-1 5457200

Sanders are basic tools in any carpentry shop because they are used to eliminate roughness of wood surfaces in order to feel soft to the touch and safe to use.

An excellent choice between sanders is the Meister model MES480-1 5457200. This sander has the advantage of having a good design capable of providing an excellent grip to facilitate the work. Because this type of equipment is constantly used on the same piece to obtain a good result, it is important to look for them to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. And this is something that you will get if you decide for this model because it has an ergonomic handle and a support that will allow you to use it easily without running out, besides allowing you to maintain firmness.

It also has a powerful 480-watt motor that will help you finish jobs quickly and without excessive effort. This model has dimensions of 30.6 x 19.4 x 13 centimeters and a weight of just 2.5 kilograms, which makes it compact and easy to load. In addition, with these measures, you can manipulate it with a lot of freedom to reach difficult corners.


Power: the Meister sander MES 480 – 1547200 has a working power of 480 watts that will help you get smooth finishes quickly and easily.

Design: this model has a structural design that entails an ergonomic grip so you can maintain comfort and firmness when using it, which you will greatly appreciate during long days.

Dimensions: presents quite comfortable and compact dimensions which are ideal for both amateur and professional jobs and with which you will get a wide range of possibilities of using your sander.

Cable: and to offer you greater freedom, the sander MES 480 – 1547200 from Meister has a 3 meter long power cable that will help you move around your project without problems.


Sandpaper: does not include too many sandpapers so you should invest a little more if you want to use this equipment for extensive and intense use.

Brüder Mannesmann M12320

Among the best cheap sanders we find this Brüder option. Especially recommended for corners, edges and faces. The change of the sandpaper is really fast, but as it is reflected in the opinions of the users, it is necessary to change them with care not to break the velcro of grip.

While it has a bag that sucks the dust, do not expect much of this process of aspiration, it helps but it will not free you from having to pick up afterwards. Compared with other tip sanders, it is a bit heavy but this also helps the sanding process to be good.

Includes a transport bag and three sandpapers. It has a power of 220 watts and a sanding area greater than many of the sanders with delta tip of the market. Really suitable if you want to use it at home in your projects.

In case your priority is to economize, we have left for the end this option, which has been signaled among the cheapest sanders in the market. These are its pros and cons.


Use with one hand: This design allows the sander to be used with only one hand. And it does not require a complex assembly and installation process.

Vacuum cleaner: It has a vacuum cleaner for dust, which is deposited in a special bag, located on the back of the sander.

Accessories: It has among its accessories three sheets of sandpaper and the special bag to store the dust.

Functional design: Its design is functional, in the shape of an ogive with an open angle, ideal for sanding on surfaces with corners or closed spaces.


Weight: The weight, which is 2.8 kg, can be an inconvenience for some people. Especially if the person has a small hand.

Dust bag: Sometimes the dust bag fills up very quickly and must be emptied several times in the same day of sandpaper.

Black & Decker Ka300

In this case, we are talking about an orbital sander, recommended especially for sanding on flat surfaces. Why do we include this as a strong candidate as the best price quality sander?

With it you can sand, polish or smooth a certain surface. It can reach the same speed as a belt sander but being lighter they are able to achieve a finer finish.

It is highly recommended to work on vertical surfaces such as a door or a wall as it has a front handle. It has a broad sanding base, much more than a delta tip, and the sandpaper reaches the edge.

It is not a heavy duty sander, but for home use it is really efficient. The handle has been designed considering ergonomic factors for greater comfort of use. It uses a clamp system for sandpaper.

This model has been recognized several times as the best brand of sanders, so you will surely be interested to know its pros and cons, which we show below.


Sander in orbit: The device has a movement in orbit that guarantees a quality sanding on any surface where it is used.

Front handle: The sander has a front handle, which allows the user to work more comfortably with the appliance in spaces such as walls and doors.

Paper Adjustment: This equipment works with sandpaper, which is adjustable to the machine by a convenient and practical clamp system.

Lock button: It also includes a lock button, in order to prevent accidents during use, and save energy when we pause while using it.

Auxiliary handle: It has an auxiliary handle that makes it much easier to handle the sander, especially on surfaces that need to be worked for longer.

Meister Craft Mes480e

Our next best sander candidate is the eccentric type with a rated power of 480 W. Sanders of this type transmit their force by spinning a disc where the sandpaper is housed.

This in particular has very good power but has the difficulty that when the sanding zone is round, the areas with angles are difficult to reach effectively.

The power can be regulated and there is a variety of different abrasive discs as sanding or polishing is required. It allows you to sand other materials than wood, according to the opinions expressed by users, you can even sand cars.

It has a bag that accumulates dust but that must be emptied frequently if you do not want the dust to start coming out. Really an interesting option at a very affordable price.

When choosing which sander to buy, you must take into account the Meister Craft MES480E, whose pros and cons are the following.


Circular sandpaper: It has a circular sandpaper, which is very practical to reach different types of surfaces.

Waste storage: Like other models, it has a simple waste storage system, to keep the work space clear.

Ergonomic handle: It has an ergonomic handle that provides stability and safety when using it.

Auxiliary handle: Includes an auxiliary handle for extra support during the use of the sander.

Multi-function button: It is easy to use, since it has a rotary multifunction button, on or off.


Noise: For some people, the sander is a bit noisy.

How to use a sander

If you love working with wood, a sander is an important investment you must make. The sanders are responsible for eliminating small errors in the wood, smoothing rough or uneven surfaces, and subsequently allow you to paint or dye the surface of the wood more easily.

There are several types of sanders and each has its advantages. The hand sanders will allow you to reach difficult places, they are also quite economical and useful for almost any project with wood. They are even safe for children, of course, under the supervision of an adult.


The first thing you have to do is put the sandpaper that your wood and your project need to the sander. The roughness of the sandpaper is known as grain. The lower the grain number, the rougher the sandpaper. Most sanders have a specific form of sandpaper that should be used instead of just a random sheet of sandpaper.

To put or change the sandpaper to your sander, simply remove the old sheet and place the new one pressing it towards the sander. Most sanders have a velcro type material that is responsible for grabbing the sanding sheet.

Set up

While the sander is on, the sandpaper moves quickly. You might think then that if your hand touches the sandpaper, it will hurt. However, sandpaper does not usually cause any damage.

You must plug the sander into the power supply and turn on the switch of the sander so that it starts working.

Deposit for dust

We recommend purchasing a sander that has a dust collection tank. We will be honest, this deposit does not trap every dust particle, but it catches many of them. This is crucial especially if you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies.

Little effort when sanding

A common feature of all sanders is that the operator needs to do little work while working with them since there is no need to press too hard or exert much force while sanding.

When the sanders are lit, they vibrate a lot, which makes it easier to slide on the wood as soon as you touch it. This results in a self-propelled action that reduces work for the operator. Simply press the sander lightly across the surface forwards and backwards and let it do most of the work.

The only time you need to press a little more is when there are large rough areas or spots. If the normal sanding does not get rid of it, you have to press a little more in order to deepen sanding in the wood.

When finishing sanding

Once you have finished sanding, be sure to remove all the sanding dust with a brush or with an adhesive fabric so that when painting or dying the wood there are no dust spots adhered to it.