10 Best Travel Power Adapters to Buy Online

Adapter is quite important in the day to day life for charging different devices. It may be mobile phone, or electric razor, hair straightener or laptop; the adapter is a mandatory device to charge these devices. Depends on the voltage required for the device, the type of adapter differs. As far as adapter is considered, it will be most useful during travel. The adapters used especially during travel are called travel adapters which are compact is size with some useful kits like plugs for compatible usage in different countries and places. Let’s check top 10 best travel power adaptors.

FlePow 1250W Power Strip

This is an international travel outlet adapter with plug and it can be used in European countries, US, UK and Australia. This adapter can be useful for iPhone, Tablet, and mobile phones. The adapter has two plugs for AC power and 4 USB ports have been provided. This adapter has been reviewed as the best to use in more than 150 countries. The size of the adapter is compact and the design is sleek. The make of the adapter is light weight hence it is best for travelling. This adapter can’t be useful for the devices with above 1250 watts.

All in One Universal Travel Adaptor

All in one universal travel adapter is next in the list. This adapter has dual charging USB ports and it can be used in countries such as UK, European, US and Australia. This adapter is useful for both mobile phones and laptop devices. This adapter is also useful almost in 150 countries. The special feature of this adapter is the built in fuse feature. Fuse protection is provided for safety purpose hence individuals that use this adapter need not worry about electrocution or explosion. It is compact in size and is light weight in make hence it will be suitable for travelling purpose.

Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger

Insten adapter is quite useful for the travelers since it is compatible to use is various countries. This adapter will be useful in countries such as European, UK, US, China and Australia. This adapter comes with Surge protection as built in feature. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices. Speaking about the special feature of this adapter, the lock switch is quite useful in all the ways to choose the type of the plug that is needed.

BONAZZA Universal World Travel Adapter

Bonazza is a travel adapter charger that can be useful over 150 countries. It will be useful to charge any kind of device with USB charging options. The adapter comes with the surge protection. This adapter has 4 USB ports and it has notable features. The one of the special feature about this adapter is that it has multiple plugs hence people that travel with you also can charge their device.

All Power Chargers Travel Charging Station

This adapter has 4 international adapters especially for travel purpose and 4 USB ports are given in this. The best of this device is that it is affordable in price and compact in design. This adapter comes with surge protection. This adapter can be useful in almost 200 countries and it comes with the built in surge protection. The adapter is fire resistant model and the individual need not worry about overheating and other issues.

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set

Ceptics is an international travel adapter charger useful for charging mobile phones, laptops and cameras etc. This adapter can be useful in most of the countries since it is compatible model. You can use this to charge the devices up to 3000 Watts. The brand offers life time warranty and travel bag with this adapter.

PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter

Pors-ela is a dual USB charger that can be used word wide. This adapter can be used in the countries such as US, Australia, UK and Asia. This adapter is fuse feature integrated so no issues regarding protection. The provided LED lights indicate the charging level of the device. This adapter is attractive in design and will be well suitable for travelers because of the compact design.


USB Travel Power Strip with 8 International Adapters

This adapter is an international model with five 40W USB ports. As far as usage is considered, this device can be used in most of the countries around the world since 8 international adapters are provided. The surge protector is the special feature as it comes with 2 outlets. It works around 200 countries hence will be useful for the frequent travelers that travel to different countries. There are no issues about overheating, high voltage and over current because the short circuit protection is provided.

Poweradd 2-Outlet International Travel Charger

This adapter can be useful for travelling purpose because of light weight and compact design and you can use this in around 150 countries around the world. It has dual USB ports especially given for business trips and you could use it in the major countries such as US, UK, Australia, Europe and many other countries. It has 5 power adapters with 2 AC outlets and 24 months warranty is given for this adapter.

USB Charger Plug Syncwire

It is a 4 port USB adapter and charger that can be used in the countries such as Europe, UK, and US. You can use this adapter for most of the mobile phones and other USB devices. It is compatible for the latest iPhone, Samsung and many other leading brands. The design is attractive and the make is light weight.


Travel adapter is mandatory for the frequent travelers as they travel to different countries. It is best to choose the device with various considerations by comparing the features as per the usage. Consider the power and voltage range, the number of ports, surge protection and the type of device connected as factors to decide on buying the best travel adapter charger. Consider the quality of the device in terms of design, finish and the usage as there are many devices in the market.

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