16 May

We LOVE Technology at TKWorld.org

I was just thinking about some of the tech gadgets that cross my desk on occasion. I was reviewing something the other day, when all of a sudden, an article about “finger spinning toys” popped up. “What the heck is that?” I wondered.  Then, one of my buddies laughed and said, “Seriously? YOU don’t know about these? They’re all the rage!” Naturally I was curious.


After looking it up on Google, I was instantly inundated with photos and ads for these little “UFO-looking” gizmos that you hold and “spin.” Supposedly they are helpful for people who “fidget” (hence the other term, “fidget toys”) and need some type of thing to help anchor them so they can focus.


Then, I learned that a lot of people who have kids diagnosed with ADHD are using them with success, saying that they’re helping their kids pay attention better in school.


I don’t personally know enough about these things yet, but since we’re a technology oriented blog, you just might find that I wind up writing about them! We’ll soon see!


Of course, we’re just getting the blog up now, but we will be back before too long. Welcome to TKWorld.org!

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